Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Kazim : 2 Months After

today is extra super.

it's the first day of june, my birthday month! on the 24th, i would have completed another year of my life, god willing! plus, it's my first year of being in the '30 something' group!

(don't wish me just yet! hihi)

also, it's kazim's second month with his bapak, mak, abang long khaleef and abang ngah kahfi. horay for kazim!

my 3rd prince, kazim

  • alhamdulillah, his eyes are getting more crystal clear by the day. the jaundice-like trait seemed completely gone.
  • he can smile! oh, how my heart skips a beat everytime. i want to cry, i want to laugh, i want to hug him so tight, i want to call mr. khairul right away just to tell him - it's a rollercoaster of emotions - just by that endearing first smile!
  • no pictures of him smiling. yet. i was stunned everytime that reaching out for my camera means i'd be missing his moment of smiling!
  • he appeared to be making a few attempts to 'communicate' - "agoo..agoo.." or just an explosive 'b' sound. haha.
  • much to my delight, he now has a consistent sleeping pattern at night - sleeps around 9-10pm every night, waking up few enough times not to zombified me, and wakes up for good around 5am.
  • very mengada. letak, bising. angkat, diam. hmmph!

ok, i'm not gonna have 'kazim's 3rd month', 'kazim in his 4th', or kazim 5 months after' - ok lah maybe i will! hahaha...


Izan Ishak said...

cepat je kazim dah 2 bulan. gambarnya sgt serius ye~

ICA said...

Syigim, taknak wish lagi but 30 something is a nice group to be in. Wonder what surprise Mr K plans on your big day pulak ya...

Kazim ikut muka sapa huh?

Syigim said...

>> tu la izan. best dah padat dah badan dia bole la lambung2 hihiihihi..

>> ica, '30 somethings' is a sexy number! hihi...

for birthdays it's usually MAKAN!!! hihi..

kazim definitely has me all over! ;)

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