Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Really? 500th Blog Post!


this is my 500th post on HoW dO i SPeLL tHe WoRds!

i can't believe i've had my ramblings published 500 times in this blog!

yes, there are 500 chickens here!

i LOVE writing. i love puting words together. i love searching for words in my head that fit perfectly with what i want to say.

and this blog gives me a chance to just - write. 500 times!

* * *

so for my 500th post, here's 500 things about syigim that you might not know. you can skip this part if you want to. i won't hold a grudge. haha. really, you wanna skip it? it's your loss then. nyeh nyeh.

  1. i hate coffee
  2. i can't stand mismatched pillow cases and bedsheet
  3. i am ipoh mali
  4. i collect tisu paper, drink stirrer, lanyard, postcards, themepark maps and theater booklet
  5. i go bananas over goreng pisang, lepat pisang and cekodok pisang
  6. i write scripts for plays during schooldays
  7. i'm a second child
  8. i enjoy drawing very much
  9. i get dizzy if i read on a moving vehicle
  10. i chase my favorite celebrities for autograph; anuar zain, tun dr m, afdlin shauki and hans isaac
  11. i listen to r&b and the rat pack
  12. i've been to disneyland, california, thanks to abah - happiest place on earth!
  13. i have an inexplicable fear of filling in forms
  14. i like watching theater performances
  15. i am a june baby
  16. i took pictures with tun mahathir
  17. i am a cat person - used to have 3 cats; cakoi, mok and kering
  18. i love char kuey teow
  19. i laugh with f.r.i.e.n.d.s, whose line is it and the big bang theory
  20. i was a tomboy in school
  21. i don't wear yellow but it's my favorite color - makes sense?
  22. i lost my mak on new year's eve 2004
  23. i hate tougeh
  24. i color coordinate my clothes and books
  25. i read stephen king, terry pratchett and roald dahl
  26. i grew up with 4 girls but now i live with 4 boys!
  27. i am afraid of cockroaches
  28. i look for the orion's belt constellation when i look up at the night sky
  29. i collect x-files memorabilia; books, mags, comic, trading cards, t-shirt, cap, watch
  30. i cannot swim
  31. i'm a mandi rice-addict
  32. i like period movies
  33. i am a language and literature major
  34. i sing in the bathroom, in the kitchen and in the car
  35. i put chips in my sandwich, and biscuits in my jam bread
  36. i have a crush on anuar zain
  37. i can't stand spicy food
  38. i married a cute penang boy
  39. i love disney animated features
  40. i don't play any sports
  41. i like ikan keli
  42. i can draw potraits guided by grids
  43. i am afraid of the dark silence, or silent darkness
  44. i've never had my ears pierced
  45. i love comics : calvin & hobbes, the far side and archie
  46. i don't like jewelleries; the only thing on me is my wedding ring
  47. i suck at maths
  48. i think this list is too long already
  49. i was going to stop at 50
  50. i should stop
  51. no, really. i should just quit it

ok, so it wasn't 500. i'd be nuts if i go up to 500, and you'd be even nuttier for reading a list that long!

* * *

anyway, thank you, dear readers for taking a few minutes of your time to stop by HoW dO i SPeLL tHe WoRds for the past 500 postings. thank you for your comments, thanks for dropping by the chatbox, thanks for 'following' my blog, and thanks for your 'silent' presence (though i wish you would say hi once in awhile! hihi).

special thanks to my 'regulars' - you know who you are - you have no idea how much you mean to me; my number-one-fan abah, family, friends or new-found friends, and friends i've never even met (i wish we could meet up one day, i have a feeling we're gonna get along really well *smile*)

i hope i get to write 500 more!

(will you still be there?)


aDyLLa OmaR said...

point 47..
me t0o! hehe

Hanz said...

Clap, clap!!

Sygim..we had so much in common! I like yellow but don't wear one, I don't like jewelleries so i wear fashionable clothes instead, my family used to have a cat name Mok, i like whose line is it anyway & i am x-fan too!

ICA said...

Congrats my dear. It is not easy to have a blog of quality like hats off to you lah. Keep it coming....

Having said that, kindly refer to the list to see what we have in common and what's not..hehehe..

In sync - 9,12,18,19,32,41,46(me not even my wedding ring),47 (me too)

We can't be roommates because - 1,2,24,25,30 (ohhh alright,kalau you jatuh...I'll save u..),36,37!

Syigim said...

>> dylla, nk wat camne compulsory ye hahah..

>> thanks for the cheer, hanz! :D

i tot im the weird one when i tell ppl i like yellow BUT i dont wear it! hihi. and of all cat's name! tpi my mok dah lamaaaaa merajuk hilang after my first nephew was born, psl he wasnt allowd inside the hse anymore :(

sigh. it's great to meet another x-freak! ;)

Zulaikha Mohamad said...

congratulations.. btw, i'm a june baby too (15), love cats (17), get dizzy if reading in moving vehicle (9), hate taugeh (23) and byk lg... hehe.. keep it up!! blog more and more.. hehe

Syigim said...

thanks ica for d sweet words! :D

u like period movies too! khairul cukup boringggg kalo i pasang ape2 citer zaman victorian with brit accent! hihi.

tak suka anuar zain ke ica? hihi ok dont answer that! hihi

Syigim said...

thanks zulaikha! :D june baby jgk! *hi5!* hihi........

i rase pelik kalo ade org yg bole baca dlm keta... :P xpening ke.....

emee said...

can't remember which number but i know u can cook good cekodok..even if it means only using rice cooker

Syigim said...

emee...sejak bila aku goreng cekodok guna rice cooker? haha. goreng telur penah le ;)

Yuslinda said...

kak linda heart syigim's blog :)
kalu kak linda banyak duit,nak suruh je syigim tulis buku ke,apa ke trylah jadi columnist kat the star paper ke,apa ke...sbb u mmg talented gila...

Syigim said...

kak linda...cepat la kumpul duit kak linda, then u invest on my book ye hihihihihi..

dah penah apply.. they want someone who can travel. syigim penah keja mag editor dulu pun kena byk travel attend press confernce n stuff.

oh, but maybe 'columnist' bole lepak kat umah n write je ye. hahaha..diorang nk create one column just for me tak, kak linda? ;)

paij188 said...

congrats babe! LOVED everything, ( i baca tau, tak skip pun list u yang berjela tu...) which i thought going to be 500 thingss. (ngeh..ngeh..)

keep writing!! :)

Syigim said...

thanks fairus, reaalllly appreciate all your comments n visits, more than words can say! :)

check out these postings too!

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