Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Heat Stroke : Beware!

it's summer again in dubai, and temperature is soaring by the minute. just the other day when we went out it already shoot up to 52 degrees. open the window and you can feel the bahang - the extreme heat wave.

the kitchen is the only room in my apartment with opened window, and i always kept the door close. once opened, wooosh - you can really feel the surge of heat enveloping.

wear sun block! picture with models khaleef & kahfi hihi

in this scorching heat, you must be aware of the ever-present and very real danger - the heat stroke.

“the classic definition of heatstroke includes the presence of inner body (core) temperature higher than 40°C, central nervous system dysfunction, and (the) absence of sweating. anyone with high temperature above 40°C and experiencing confusion, lethargy or even falling into a coma should be considered to have suffered heatstroke.”

~ dr. abdul majid wani, a consultant in the emergency department at hera general hospital, makkah.

causes :
  • exposed to hot weather for too long without drinking water
  • the body dehydrate so no more liquid for sweating
  • body's temperature rises rapidly, the body goes into shock

symptoms of heat stroke include
  • a rise in core temperature
  • lack of sweating
  • flushed skin color and dry skin
  • rapid pulse
  • breathing difficulties
  • abnormal behavior
  • hallucinations
  • agitation
  • disorientation
  • seizures
  • fainting
  • sometimes even coma

if not properly, quickly treated, can be fatal!

what to do in case of emergency :
  1. removal of clothing
  2. spraying the victim with water
  3. apply cold, wet towel to the skin, especially near armpit
  4. provide sufficient air to him or her
  5. get medical help

prevent heat stroke!
  • reduce exercise or excess activity in hot weather - save the bbq at the park for winter okay!
  • wear loose-fitting and light-colored thin clothes - my kiddos memang tak pakai lansung long sleeve!
  • drinking lots of water - make sure there's a water bottle for each kid, one in your bag or a big one in your stroller
  • those working outside and under a hot sun should understand that as soon as they stop perspiring while working, they are in danger of heat stroke
  • drink water freely to provide moisture for perspiration, even when you do not feel thirsty! (kalau dah dahaga tu tandanya dah dehydrate sket kan?)
  • infants, young children and people above the age of 65 are very sensitive to the effects of high temperatures
  • do not leave children alone in cars, even for a moment - even with the windows open!

in a nutshell, just drink lotsa water, and don't be out in the sun too long. be safe out there, people!


lina said...

huh tak dpt nak bayang kan bertapa panas nyer...mesti on air cond 24 hour...

ICA said...

Syigim, that picture of Khaleef nampak sooo macho...cute sangat!

btw, this is a good info coz lots of people jadi casualties to heat wave....cuma folks in Msia tak banyak dengar cerita pasai ni...unlike other countries kan. :)

dillazag said...

Hi dear,
I was bloghopping from Ica's to find this wonderful blog. :) Mind if I link you?

Syigim said...

>> lina, last yr ok lagi. pasang kipas je. if tutup tingkap xrase sgt panas tu. but this time, pasang aircon pun bukannye cool, cuma hilangkan panas je. :P

>> haha. ica, khaleef blagak jadi model la tu. ;)

thanks, ica. mmg masa kat msia mane nk risau psl heatstroke ni. tp sini mmg ade je construction workers yg mati psl keja waktu panas tau. :(

Syigim said...

hi dillazag! welcome to my blog. so nice of u to drop a comment :) okeh i link u jgk ;)

paij188 said...

u tau tak, fadzil penah kena tau. menangis i, panik. luckily i got neighbour yang baik masa tu. mas atu tgh buat keje ofis die terus ofis bagi die cuti 3 har suruh releks. :) keluar plak memo, and everybody got 2 big bottle of water free the next day!

arin said...

model hensem khaleef tu.
minum air banyak2 lelagi syigim bf kazim.
take care orang-orang di dubai!

Syigim said...

>> ye ke fairus! camne ye heat stroke ni exactly...alhamdulillah xserius ye. tu la i hafta remind myself jgk sbb i ni mmg jenis tak minum air byk :(

>> kak arin, tu la...tiap kali lepas bfeed mmg rasa dahaga sgt. sure nk minum. tp rase mcm patut minum byk lagi cuma xteringat. budak2 ni je dok kena paksa minum, maknye tak hoho

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