Friday, June 18, 2010

I Miss Being Around Girls!

yesterday we spent the evening at kak zaida's home, after visiting kak su and her gorgeous newborn, baby huda. kak zaida was the one who took care of the boys when i delivered kazim.

kak zaida has 3 girls, iman, ilham and irdina and the youngest, a boy, ihsan. also at her home was syahira, daughter of eiyda who had an unfortunate incident few days ago where she broke her thigh bone while playing bowling. (speedy recovery, dear!) joining the girls was also najwa, daughter of mr. khairul's senior at mckk.

girls, girls, girls!

thorn among the roses ~ syahira, najwa, khaleef, ilham and iman

oh, how i miss being around girls!

  • i grew up with 4 other siblings who are all girls
  • i went to an all-girl school from standard 1 to form 5
  • my cousins are mostly girls

...and now i'm staying in a house full of boys!

khaleef and the girls trying to get the bubble-maker machine to work

oh, i LOVE my boys so much but i can't help feeling all warm and fuzzy today to be among the girls. today, it has been all about girls!

kak su's newborn is a girl. going to kak zaida's house means i get to see her 3 girls. both eiyda's girls were there too. and their friend, najwa happened to be there as well.

girls, girls, girls!

* * *

after a tiring playtime, and the girls had their shower, we sat together for awhile at one of the girls' rooms when i was tucking in kazim. the dads were downstairs watching (what else) football.

the girls all in pink pajamas, sprawling next to me on the mattress.

we got to talking about the girls having facebook accounts, books i like, which disney prince is their favorite and watching horror movies. the girls told me about their gymnastics lessons and even showed me some moves. it was nothing really - just simple conversation between this 'auntie' with a bunch of girls.

...but i enjoyed the moment very much. i just miss having a girly conversation, i guess.

khaleef and kak zaida's 'japanese doll', irdina

one of the girls actually asked, "auntie, boring ke kat rumah?" refering to me having only sons.

i actually took a moment to think, and replied with a smile, "tak boring. tapi best kalau ade girls jugak..."


* * *

got a msg from a good friend of mine in dubai who went balik kampung in the wee hours of the morning. to fauziah, have fun in malaysia, and tunggu kitorang pun nak balik jugak soon! hihi. to fairus, selamat cabut pucuk paku pucuk ubi kat kampung!


Izan Ishak said...

hi syigim...
kita serupa kan...izan pun dulu2 ada pengalaman dikelilingi kakak2 je. skrg bila anak2 semua boys baru faham being around boys pulak~ teringin juga nak girls rasanya...

arin said...

syigim: next year project la..try dan try lagi till dapat girl. semoga berjaya! :)

The Juggling Queen said...

hi syigim,

i know how u feel... akan ade rezeki u nanti. insyaallah!

p.s. but u boys are sweet too! I bet if u have a girl one day must be as cute and sweet as you. :)

Syigim said...

izan, you lagi la ye! dikelilingi 4 little boys n 1 big boy! hihi...lagi rindu nk ade girls...

Syigim said...

>> kak arin, masa bercinta2 konon nk anak 3 je...beza 3tahun kita hanya merancang.. hohoho ;)

>> fairus, we truly have different households kan...but i'm sure equally havoc!! hihi...

adzsha said...

u r going back to msia too!!!!???????

jelesnya! silap2 ada i blk berdua dgn haffiy ni huhu

i grew up surrounded with girls-5 sisters & a brother..equally havoc, i must tell u! tapi still lain kan..

FiDa@aMiDa said...

syigim Insyallah adalah rezeki u for next girl..same to fairus too hopefully u dpt boy :)

syigim..kita jumpa kat malaya ek..cuti2 msia hehehe..balik mana nnati? kalau gi Perak..singgahlah Sungkai hehehe

Syigim said...

>> adzlin, u byk sisters jgk ye? sure suma comel2 :) yup, we'll be goin back insyaAllah nxt month hihiihi..

>> fida, i nk girl, fairus nk boy..fida rilek la ye dah ade sepasang! hihi..

kakak abah ade lagi duk sungkai so insyaAllah kalo balik msia confirm ade kenduri deghoyan! hihi..

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