Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Bday Song From Khaleef, Kahfi & Kazim

i'm NOT 31 yet, okay.

however, my 3 boys - khaleef, kahfi & kazim want to be the first ones to wish their mak a happy 31st birthday.

take it away, boys!

ok fine.

so it was actually ONLY khaleef. and even he was forced to mute ben10 and sing, "or else!" hihi. and kahfi was 'bribed' with honey waffles cereal just to get him to sit down and stay put. and kazim - well, he can't run away even if he wanted to. yes, i'm mean.

anyway, 'thank you', boys. for just sitting there and looking so cute. tomorrow, your mak is a year older!


Diana said...

happy birthday ya!semoga bertambah2 rezeki dan ahli keluarga...hihihi

you are just 10 days younder than me

arin said...

happy bday syigim!
p/s: kahfi tu memang sebijik cam zara la.sepesen betul.buat la apa pun, bila dah dapat benda yang dia suka, buat tak peduli je.

Nadiah Sidek said...

hehe..kahfi sibuk dgn cereal dia je. tak peduli benda lain pun :D

birthday syigim 24hb, kan? birthday hubby kite..the next day..25th..thn ni dia genap 29 thn ;)

happy birthday syigim! (nak wish awal jugak..hehe..)

Silent Scribbler said...

Happy birthday, Syigim dear. May Allah bless you and your family always. Love, Aisha.

Syigim said...

>> thanks diana :) hmm, tambah ahli keluarga - why dont u be specific n pray i got a girl next eh? hihi

>> thanks kak arin :)

kahfi suka makan. full stop. makan makan makan. tu yang dah xingat ape tu. hihi.

Syigim said...

>> nadiah, itu je cara nk suh dia duk diam. hihi.

wah, ur husband pun june baby. happy be-early bday to him :)

>> thanks aisha sweetie. may Allah grant you the same happiness! :)

diyana anwar said...

khaleef still with his sweet-charm-gentleman style nyanyikan lagu birthday utk mak die

kahfi 'ape lahh abg khaleef bising2 ni' then after 15 minutes baru, 'eh! birthday mak aku ke?!'

kazim tetap di situ pasrah dgn nasib


Syigim said...

good review, teh. yg pastinya suma kena paksa! ;)

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