Friday, June 11, 2010

What World Cup?

i'm SO not into football, but it's hard to ignore the 'invasion' of the FIFA world cup 2010. oh, it's nothing - just the biggest thing in any football fans' calendar.

i can't remember the last time i actually watched a match, intentionally.

i'm also happy to report that, though he was pretty excited over seeing the world cup matches, my mr. khairul is not a football freak. he was more of a martial arts kinda guy, golf for sure and definitely more into swimming.

so there wasn't a must-watch late night matches week in week out, or having the tv turned to sports channel 24-7, or afternoon out with the guys to play footie every weekend (blow cigar smoke kat jbr ade lah! hmmph!), or opening his closet to see half of it taken by nothing but jerseys!

but hey, guess what - my mak was a great football fan.

well, she doesn't play the sport - imagine that! - but my, was she a fan. she knew all the players. she knew who's the best goalkeeper. she had a dream-team. she even had a poster of the italian football player roberto baggio at the back of the kitchen door!

i remember us girls staying up with her watching a match, even when none of us were much of a fan like mak. i remember us 'setting up camp' in front of the telly - mattress, lots and lots of pillows, with snacks and such - to join mak in watching the final world cup match. she would explain the what and whys. especially the whos.

sigh. i miss her.

oh, yes - the world cup 2010. well, at least i know the host south africa drew 1-1 with mexico in the opening game. hihi.

oh, also, it looks like khaleef loves football, and has pretty kick-ass moves too around a ball. so i guess i just have to be ready to be a soccer mom when the time comes.

or can you be interested in, say - fencing instead? or just be a debater like mak? hmm, khaleef?


Hidayah Ismawi said...

hey, something else we have in common.. I was a debater too.. when I was in F4&5 for MRSM Jasin .. and a couple of times for UIA medic :)

arin said...

4 tahun lepas, tgh sarat ngandungkan hanum waktu world cup 2006.nasib tak namakan dia sempena nama player bola time tuh.:p

mama danial said...

Abam Danial sangat minat kat football. Sebab tu i put him in a club where he can learn all the skills from coach yg bukan local people. He loves it even though he only got to play once a week. One thing good about WC dia belajar identify bendera countries yg took part. Hubby and him sama football freak, maknya tukang sorak je. Football is good for kids. They get sweat easily. Yg tak tahannya, bruises here and there! Nama pun lelaki kan?

Syigim said...

>> really hidayah? interesting. i debater masa skola je... ;)

>> kak arin, nasib bek klua pompuan kot. kalo lelaki kot2 ade la nama yg sangkut tu hahahaha

Syigim said...

kak wawa, bestnye danial....siap gi join club lagi. khaleef ni nama je minat "football" tp sebenanye sepak2 bola je. blom serius lagi. hihi.

betul la. good that danial recognized the country flags! :)

The Juggling Queen said...

i was debater too! not a soccer fan, more into rugby. luckily mr.fadzil not a freak too..! lega sgt! been ignoring all the fifa ads.. klu die freaks like other guys, hbs la..

Syigim said...

fairus? debater? hmm, no surprises there! ade gaya pun!! ;)

yup, sama la khairul not a freak. cuma world cup ni je yg excited coz it's THE football matches to watch for. but other than that, xkisah pun! ;)

joven said...

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Syigim said...

thanks for droppin by, joven :)

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