Tuesday, June 15, 2010

If The World Cup Players Were Animals...

read an interesting observation from the 7days team. see whether you agree with the animals assigned to your favorite team, yah?

table from wikipedia

france would be SNAKES!
just like the evil serpent, they can't be trusted. although the hissing would be the air escaping from their deflated party balloons once they get eliminated early.

south africa would be TIGER CUB!
cute, tugs on everyone's heart strings but will get mauled by the cup's bigger cats.

argentina would be IMPALA!
they're graceful, cover vast distances and can dominate the african terrain.

south korea would be PORCUPINE!
they're small but sharp and they can be quite prickly if you try to mess with them.

england would be RABBITS!
obvious really. often get caught in the headlights and freeze on big occasions.

germany would be RHINO!
large, heavy-built animal with thick skin and a deadly weapon up front. dangerous to get in their way once they start charging.

japan would be GAZELLE!
elegant, nimble and quick. but ultimately, they are going to get chased down and mauled.

italy would be CROCODILE!
ancient, snappy and bad-tempered. quite leathery. overused tear ducts.

brazil would be LIONS!
king of the world cup jungle. do they have the bite to win this time around?

portugal would be CHEETAH!
graceful and fast but not great climbers and as the name suggests, thanks to ronaldo, not the most sporting of opponents.

spain would be GREAT WHITE SHARK!
easily the most dangerous predator, can strike quickly and will feel right at home in south africa.

malaysia would be.... *wink wink*

* * *

ok , i didn't cover all the countries. 32 altogether, right? right? haha. how much DON'T i know about the FIFA world cup?

"hari ni ade match tak?" i asked mr. khairul.
"laa....hari-hari la ade match." he answered, lazily - knowing how blur his wife is about world cup matches.


don't think i'm THAT ignorant, though. hey, i KNOW football ok. guys in tight t's and shorts chasing after an adidas ball across the field. (at least gimme credit la for knowing that the ball is a new design kan? haha) and i do get excited over near-hits and misses at the goal post. i may not know the entire rules and regulations but i do know the meaning of the yellow and red card.

i don't HATE football (like i hate wrestling, for example), i'm just not into it.

so, yesterday for the first time, in a LONG time - i actually sat down and watched an entire match with mr. khairul. the japan - cameroon game.

he was explaining, telling me about this player and that player. i don't know names, and will never remember them anyway - so what he did was just giving description, "yang jambul tu..." or "yang blonde tu terrer.."

this really reminds me of my mak. my mak, the football fan. i don't know names back then too, so she would be giving nicknames to the players like kayu balak for michael ballack, for example. and we would just laugh about it. oh, she KNEW the players really well. who's who to watch and what's goin on too.

most of the time, into it or not, i just enjoyed watching a football match with mak just knowing that she enjoyed telling us about the game. it's just one of the many ways to spend great fun times with mak. miss her so much.

* * *

oh, i didn't know who's supposed to be better than who, but by the end of the japan -cameroon game, i was just glad that an asian team won. it was fun cheering for whichever team had the ball closest to the goal post. haha. sape-sape je la asal ade action and suspense!

besides, cuddling up together on the couch with my "big pillow" was a fantastic way to spend the evening...


Nadiah Sidek said...

kalau tanya kita psl football...1 benda pun tak tahu :p

Syigim said...

nadiah, kita pun xreti sgt. tau sket2 je la. bole la jgk nk sorak2 sket heheh. ;)

Aidah said...

hohooo... me too.. memang kureng sket pasal bola2 nih... takdelah nak update sgt kan, bila nak tau apa2 keputusan memang carik kat paper jer... nasib baek hubby tak berapa minat bola.. =)

*juliet le sweetheart said...

suka baca tulisan syigim. sangat kreatif! :)

Syigim said...

>> aidah, same here :) at least u gi tgk kat paper...i xpeduli pun..either husband kasitau result or terbaca facebook status member2 je haahhaha..

>> cik juliet, thanks for the nice words! :)

diyana anwar said...

kak syigimmmmm~~!

where's my team? the Great Argentina?

i think they are more like an Eagle. never afraid of flying higher, hunt their prey fiercely, and get everything's done instantly! hihihi

The Juggling Queen said...

sama la syigim! i don't really care la what's the name and whats. but i did notice a new design ball, the labels, new designed shirts what so ever. the only player that I knew how he looked like is David Beckham, and that's it! (punye la 'blur') others, klu selisih bahu, fan diorg jerit2 pun i x notice agaknye.. :)

Syigim said...

>> teh, ade la argentina kat list tu...nways, ur description is so interesting too. good one!

>> fairus, david beckham tu i rase tokcik i pun kenal kot hihihi

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