Wednesday, June 9, 2010

KRU's Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa Gempak!

my my. the KRU brothers have certainly come a long way from the days of wearing wind-breakers and the yo-yo-yos - because their latest project helmed by yusry KRU, the movie 'hikayat merong mahawangsa' is unbelieveable.

and i've only seen the trailer.

for kiddies who were (unfortunate haha) enough not to live as teens in the 90's - KRU is originally a very popular rap group comprises of 3 brothers; norman, yusry and edry. they're brilliant songwriters, not as-brilliant singers. haha. to me, they're really smart dudes who made use of their brains alongside their talents.

i may not be a screaming fan of yusry KRU like my youngest sis azi, and i may not be as crazy as my sis syida about stephen rahman hudges (though his abs are yummilicious! haha) but this movie is a MUST SEE for me - more than 'popadom', and definitely more than that devil kid legend.

watch the trailer, and you'll see what i mean.

amacam? berdebar-debar tengok! trailer untuk international market pun gempak - click here for the youtube clip. (it's translated as 'the malay chronicles : bloodlines' - which, personally i disagree. kekalkan nama 'hikayat merong mahawangsa' pun ok pe.)

i dunno bout you but by the end of the trailer - yah, laugh all you want - but i was near to tears! it was really touching knowing that this is the work of a malaysian. such classy CGI art, such powerful acting talents, such amazing cinematography.

(and is that rahim razali looking like an aging biker? awesome!)

you, yah you malay-movie-ain't-good-enough sceptics - this is the time to watch a malay movie on the big screen! a friend of mine in his facebook called the movie 'when 300 meets pirates of the caribbean meets apocalypto'. after the trailer, i'd call it 'troy slash jet li's hero slash semerah padi'!

anyway you see it, it's one heckuva trailer. me being a period-movie fan is waiting anxiously for the movie to open! i hope it lives up to the hype.

hikayat merong mahawangsa or the kedah annals is an ancient malay literature that chronicles the bloodline of merong mahawangsa and the foundation of the kedah, a state in malaysia. the era...ranged from the opening of kedah by merong mahawangsa, allegedly a descendant of alexander the great of macedonia till the acceptance of Islam.

~ wikipedia

KRU was quoted saying that more than 30 countries would be showing the movie, including a few middle east countries - united arab emirates, please?


The Juggling Queen said...

hey, ni dah keluar panggung or can just get the DVD? awesome man! nak tgk jugak! dah lama takde cite melayu best2!

Syigim said...

fairus, it says comin out in 2011! tp katanya a lot of countries dah beli nk show so hopefully it includes dubai! hihi

Jiji said...

Oh my i ve watched the trailer SUPERB!!!! WITH CAPITAL S!!!!!!!!

Syigim said...

jiji, mmg gile2 superb! ;) xsaba nk tgk!!!

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