Sunday, June 6, 2010

Brunch : Hosted by Fairus

life abroad far from family in malaysia, you got to have friends. i was lucky to be part of this little circle of friends, to be welcomed, and always feel a sense of belonging.

also, a brunch-lunch-munch invitation should never be declined! hihi.

yesterday fairus had a little makan-makan at her place, something she wanted to do before she goes balik kampung soon. hot steaming soto and deliciously glutinous pulut kuning welcomed our grumbling tummies. or is it the other way around? hihi.

soto, pulut kuning plus chicken curry "pekat giler"

...including this ultra cool 'avatar' drink!

our now popular dubai baker fida arrived with a tupperware of homemade fancy cookies adorned with cute popcorns, white daisies, in round, heart and star shapes.

the kids went nuts with them! i think kahfi ate the most la fida. sampai 3 keping besa-besa tu dia makan!

* * *

gossip gossip. munch munch. chit chat. kunyah kunyah. borak borak. krup krup. potpet potpet. us ladies!

we don't meet as often as i think we should, (me especially with the boisterous boys! uhuk uhuk) but when we do, i love every moment of it! thanks, girls!

fairus, fida & me

special thanks to our men for letting us indulge in our hours of potpetness.

...and, hey - did we ladies missed a memo among the guys that says, 'come in stripes'?

mr. khairul, bro amran & bro fadzil

* * *

during family gatherings, friends-meet, parties or makan-makan - kids have the most fun!

khaleef close-up by aunty fairus, and kahfi membuat cubaan nak peluk falisha!

kahfi looked at home, playing toys and cozying up to fairus's youngest daughter falisha. menggatal betul anak teruna aku tu asyik ikut je anak dara orang! hihi. but really, he often followed her, literally, wherever she went!

khaleef kept himself busy too - hanging out the toy room and boogying with the two bestfriends - fairus and fida's eldest girls - tini and amily.

falisha also displayed deep interest and curiosity with baby kazim.

(hint kot baba and ummi... haha)

falisha with baby kazim under her baba's supervision (syida, kazim is wearing your camera rompers!)

* * *

terima kasih tuan rumah ~ bro fadzil, kak gedik tini, fairus and lil falisha

if you wonder about the beautiful clear shots and photographs, they're all courtesy of tuan rumah, fairus. i took 'em all from her facebook. thanks, dear! and thanks so much for your yummylicious super-lembut pulut kuning with that 'pekat gile' chicken curry!

so, i had to add their family picture here - a picture perfect of smiles and laughter. because we need a lil bit of that to stay sane with growing kiddos around!

also, because it reminded me that mr. khairul and i hadn't had a decent family photos like this. a complete, well-posed photograph - of just us and the boys. selalu amik gamba biase-biase je time raya. maybe when kazim turns 1, i think it is time!


Fairus Basir from The Juggling Queen said...

owwwhhhh... thak you and you're welcome for excepting our invitation. bukan senang nak jumpe macam ni tau. at the same time can 'campak-campak' budak2 tu without worrying hilang kat mall ke ape ke. hihhii.. really appreciate it u guys!

thanks again!

Syigim said...

fairus, it's more than words. simply more than words. u know how i feel kan :)

*BIG hug*

FiDa@aMiDa said...

wah laju dah update heheh kita sibuk siapkan cookies utk tini esok heheheh..sempat lg baca ur entry hehehe..that's friend are for..walaupon jarang jumpa..sekali jumpa wah mcm2 citer..

ICA said...

Syigim, saw this picture dlm FB...tergelak bila tengok air avatar tuu....but looks like you all had a great time :))

Syigim said...

>> fida..itu lah semangat yg kita mau!! hihi...jarang jumpa tp musti kekal mesra okeh! haha..

>> ica, im sure u know how its like living overseas kan...friends are ur family! :)

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