Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

halloween is over, folks. but to me there's always a good time to immerse yourself in a good ghost story, and scare yourself silly watching a horror movie.

here are countless ghost stories in my collection to spook and scare in 13 books of horrors!
  1. 100 ghastly little ghost stories
  2. best ghost stories by charles dickens
  3. bodies of the dead & other great american ghost stories
  4. ghost stories by m.r. james
  5. true ghost stories from around the world
  6. the fourth bumper book of ghost stories
  7. the giant book of ghost stories
  8. best new horror
  9. the second pan book of horror stories
  10. the13th pan book of horror stories
  11. the exorcist by william peter blatty
  12. the vampire lestat by anne rice
  13. rosemary's baby by ira levin

which one should i read on this dark and (sand-stormy?) evening tonight.. ah, or there's always the endless selection of stephen king's masterpieces...

* * *

hey, i don't celebrate halloween so jgn start ngutuk. but i like the idea that halloween is associated with ghosts and hauntings because i'm fan of ghost stories! - and dressing up like a famous person or character! the picture combo below was not me at a halloween party, but the annual dinner for malaysia hall melbourne.

saje nak bernostalgia...

but we did dress up nice and neat as our fav characters; the really cool ones that i remember was kak laili as the witch (she won best costume, right?), shaq as 'zorro', titi as 'mary poppins', dolah the 'cowboy' and kak efa as 'inspector gadget'! many, many more lah!

some really rented (or maybe bought) a whole set of costume to be 'the fairy godmother' like nurin! some just rely on the magic of make-up like shah who simply painted his face white as 'the crow'. some got creative and made their own using the stuff they already have; like liyana as 'cruella de vil' - complete with handmade bulu ayam head decor!

it was such a fun night!

me? i was fbi special agent dana scully-lah! not obvious enough ke?

Friday, October 30, 2009

Burger Pool Party

good food, great ambiance, the best of company - what more could one wants?

you see, it all started when i was thinking of burger ramlee tepi jalan back home.

so, i whipped up a couple of burgers, toasted some buns, fried some fries, grated the cabbage and carrots for the coleslaw. took out the chilli sauce, tomato ketchup, mayo, mustard, butter and cheese. bagged a bottle of iced water and coke.

and we were ready to roll!

we took our hot and fresh 'picnic bags' on the rooftop where the pool is, and laid down the food stuff. the weather was excellent. looked like summer was going bye bye! it was cool, windy and oh so breezy!

khaleef the 'water boy' was the most excited going into the pool; and more excited coming out once in a while munching hot, freshly fried fries! the pool was heated so the water was warm and cozy so it was just perfect to take a dip on a windy day.

after the 'big boys' were showing too much fun in the water; jumpin and splashing, the 'little' one started makin a racket! so mr. khairul took kahfi into the water too, and boy, he really loved it! he was kicking and pushing the water underneath his feet making all sorts of giggles!

* * *

it was a great 'pool party' for us se-family. plus, the view from the rooftop was breath-taking - with majestic skyscrapers with little dot of lights strewn across the small part of dubai marina that we can see; the view of a faraway atlantis across the ocean, the walk, the dark marina and the moving traffic down by the jumeirah beach residence.

..and enjoying all that in this perfect weather, while munchin our very own 'ramlee burger' with the squeels and giggly shouts of loved ones splashin in the pool.. what a way to spend an evening!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Dubai : 375 Days Later

how could i have missed it? my first year living-in-dubai anniversary! 10 days before, last year, i stepped foot onto dubai soil to be another one of its thousands expats.

so far so good!

mr. khairul flew out first, to settle any official paper works - resident visa, work visa, apartment, makin health card and checkin out hospitals for me (since i was due to deliver kahfi in dubai) - basically just giving time for himself to settle down and work things out before his wife and kid arrived.

i spent ramadhan and puasa with my family and come oct 8 - i flew to dubai at 7 months pregnant, with khaleef, abah and umi. my sisters azot and syimot sent me off; i think haqeem demam kot, so yong couldn't be with us.

my fav aunts were there; aunty na and cik with my cousins. also bid me farewell were my in-laws as well as my dear office-mates; mohana, dora, jo and haida. jennifer just delivered her first born caitlyn so she couldn't come along. speaking of babies, irda was havin a bad case of morn-noon-and night sickness as she was pregnant with her first born hannah, so put came on her behalf.

it was an exciting flight, as it was khaleef's first. i wasn't too worried about restlessness, or possible temperamental outbursts from khaleef as i know there'd be an endless choice of disney cartoons for him to be occupied with. he was 2 going on 3 a huge fan of ariel, buzz lightyear, mulan, nemo and the rest of disney clan!

turned out it was much easier than i expected - he watched 'the little mermaid' for barely 20 minutes before passing out in deep sleep for the entire duration of the flight!

* * *

well, words can't describe the beautiful reunion, when i finally get to hug mr. khairul after nearly 2 months of not seeing each other. *smile* and the look on khaleef's face - priceless.

fast forward a day later, of course mr. khairul took abah and me to what is now the best makan place in dubai - al-tawasol! abah loves it, i'm sure - sampai ke malaysia cari nasi mandi jugak! as for me, i was hooked from that day onwards!

later that evening, mr. khairul and his right hand man radha took us to jebel hafeet, a rock mountain in the outskirts of al-ain, which offers fantastic view of its surroundings. keliling tu batu je! this mountain is actually part of the border to oman! come by sunset, and the view is breathless!

at the foot of the mountain is the 'green mubazzarah' - a lovely foothill park with green clearings for picnics and a hot-water springs. abah ade rendam kaki kat situ kan?

* * *

we didn't go out with abah and umi every day - as abah needed his rest and he just spent his days in dubai hangin around the area near his hotel, namely the burjuman mall.

but there was a day when we went out for lunch at 'mutiara restaurant', offering authentic indon cuisine. we had plain white rice with rendang daging, white curry and udang goreng tepung. the lauk-pauks are simple tapi sedap. boleh la nak melepas rindu makanan dan lauk-pauk melayu.

later that night mr. khairul brought abah and umi to take pictures at famous landmarks in dubai - the 7 star hotel burj al-arab, and the amazing hotel on the man-made palm island; the atlantis.

we also went for the delicious buffet dinner ontop of the brightly lit dhow; (a wooden vessel with lots of lights decorating it) and enjoyed our meal as it glided across the dubai creek under the moonlight with the view of the old dubai city. it was wonderful!

* * *

abah, it's been a year since you came to dubai. time to come again!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Interview With Khaleef

been having 'interesting' exchange of words with my first born these days...

khaleef's impersonation of santa claus

i was cuting up carrots, while toasting bread for khaleef.

me : khaleef, what's this?
khaleef : carrot!
me : who eats carrots?
khaleef : hmm, wabbit!
me : do you like to eat carrots?
khaleef : (long pause) hmm, no!
me : why not?
khaleef : (long pause)

ting! sound of toaster.

khaleef : mak, almost done! (referring to his toasted bread, and started to babble about bread, and jam, and butter, and sugar; changing the subject)

saved by the bell!

* * *

khaleef just finished a plate of pasta i made for him.

khaleef : mak, good job khaleef, and good job mak!
me : why good job khaleef?
khaleef : good job khaleef, finish. (showing me his empty plate)
me : why good job mak?
khaleef : (a short pause) good job mak because (another pause) this is bery bery nice!

sigh! my heart skip a beat! i'll make pasta for you for as long as you want me to!

* * *

khaleef was eating ice-cream.

me : khaleef, bagi kahfi sikit, please.
khaleef : (who usually shares things with his lil bro) no, cannot.
me : just a little bit.
khaleef : no, kahfi cannot eat ice-cream.
me : why kahfi cannot?
khaleef : (pause and thinking) kahfi cannot.. (pause) because.. (pause) uhuk! uhuk! (making coughing sounds)

abih khaleef tak batuk ke makan aiskrim?!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Recharge HP @ the Mall?

korang pernah tak tensen kat shopping mall pasal bateri handphone korang dah kong? tambah-tambah dah janji dengan orang tapi lupa pulak nak jumpa kat mana. nak call tak boleh. nak guna public phone? lupa pulak no hp orang tu pasal dah save dalam hp, bukannya hafal. camne nak check no hp dia kalau nak on hp pun tak boleh?

ok, aku tak tau la kat malaysia dah ade ke gadjet ni - kalo dah ade, maaflah. ini pertama kali aku tau kewujudan servis ni. dan bila nampak blok putih ni kat dubai mall, aku mengaku sangat terkagum! idea yang sangat menarik!

'welcome. recharge your mobile battery.'

nokia? ericson? mane-mane pun jenama hp korang bole charge kat sini. percuma. gile best! so kalo jalan-jalan kat mall dan bateri hp korang kong, jangan risau, jangan cemas. cari je servis ni dan korang bole la recharge bateri sambil borak-borak dengan member atau tunggu je seminit-dua, sekadar sampai bole ber-sms.

aku suka servis ni pasal banyak kali aku kena - kalo bawak hp kadang-kadang dah nyawa-nyawa ikan bateri dia, atau memang dah k.o. dan yang pokpekpokpek pastinya mr. khairul! hihi.

* * *

taking this opportunity to wish 2 qistina-s a happy belated birthday - my cousin iwani qistina on the 24th, and mr. khairul's sister, qistina shereen on the 25th. happy birthday shina and tina; and may all your dreams come true!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Mee Goreng Mamak : Syigim Style

i admit - i'm not much of a cook, but today, just for kicks, i'm puting up my own version of mee goreng mamak.

rasa dia lebih kurang tau!

i don't have the original mee kuning, so i actually used spaghetti. it actually improved the taste in my humble opinion, because i'm not much of a fan of the mee kuning myself! for the tumis-tumis ingredients i used the usual garlic and onions, a lil bit of cili padi and blended cili kering. oh i also add a lil bit of udang kering too!

when the stingin aroma of fried cili sneaks right up your nostrils, time to put the chicken bits! fry till semi-cooked and pour in the soy sauce (my fav is kicap tamin!) before adding the spaghetti. mix it up well, till the kicap blends well with the pasta.

make a hole in the middle, put a lil bit oil and then put in the eggs! mix the egg right there in the middle and plop the spaghetti over it. mr. khairul likes a lot of eggs in the mee mamak, and the lil bit of hangus-er the better!

finally, add the cut up sawi or bok choy to give it a lil bit of greens. oh, and of course, the mandatory salt to taste!

tada! my own mee goreng mamak! well, it's better than nothing, and beggars can't be choosers, yah? besides, i got the thumbs up from mr. khairul so all is well!

* * *

khaleef? well, i always put aside some spaghetti to make his own special one - fry the spaghetti lightly in a pan with lil bit of butter, add a tablespoon of prego sauce, and some minced mushroom. when done, immediately grate some cheese right on top and see it melts right away!

khaleef loves it!

well, my recipe is not much, but something simple for fellow kitchen rookies who wanna try! good luck and have fun!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

To Atlantis on a Bus

mr. khairul's mckk super-senior (20 years difference!) came down from abu dhabi with his wife and son, and their good friend uncle leong. bro spice's wife and son (who still stay in malaysia) only visit him once a month, and he's leaving the uae for good next week, so it's the last kopek punya jalan-jalan la ni for the whole family. uncle leong had only been to dubai once, so there's still a lot to be seen!

they've never been to the man-made island the palm jumeirah and it was their first visit to dubai marina, so we took them jalan-jalan, took pictures and brought them to the beautiful atlantis on the palm.

never heard of atlantis? pak lah stayed at the royal suit at the altantis, and also the current pm's wife - read about my atlantis experience here.

there's never any parking spot on the road along the opposite of atlantis, and you'd be really lucky to get any. so this time mr. khairul drove all the way to the end of the road where there's a huge parking area. we parked our car, took out kahfi's stroller and the necessary nappy bags and such.

at a corner, a few white shuttle busses were waiting to be filled up, before taking the visitors right to the entrance of atlantis, free of charge.

the boys had a great time sitting on a bus, especially kahfi who was more than happy not to be sitting on my lap, and right on the chair next to his big brother! khaleef - well, he just enjoys being on the road, looking out into the hustle and bustle of life - bicycle, cars, busses, his atuk's motorbike and yes, the aeroplane - you name it!

nways before we knew it, we have arrived! the bus ride was barely 5 minutes!

khaleef's favorite thing to do - where there's animals, sea creatures, living organism - khaleef would be there looking with deep interest and joy. there's a huge aquarium in atlantis made to look like the deep underwater world of the lost city of atlantis - complete with worn down city steps, and mouldy throne-like stones.

interestingly enough, we came at a time where the divers were busy cleaning the tank. wait, now how do you clean an aquarium tank? yes, yes - take out all your fishes, turtles or sea-horses; dry up the tank ie. take out all the water and then clean it - right?

i call the 'cleaners' divers because they dived in and wiped the glass tank with water all around them and fishes swimming without a care that there were 3-4 human beings inside their living area with hand towels and washing liquid!

some of these 'cleaner-diver' even scraped the makeshift mouldy-floor from sand, and swept them away. man, these guys were thorough!

after that interesting discovery of how they clean the tank, we went to get some ice-cream at one of our many favorite ice-cream spots; the cold stone creamery - where the staff handles balls of ice-cream like baseball, and the cone cups like gloves! go to one branch and you'll see what i mean. geram pasal tak dapat-dapat amik video diorang baling-baling ice-cream tu!

thanks bro spice belanja ice-cream!

we then waited for the shuttle bus at the same drop-off point and in no time there was one coming.

* * *

divers who are actually cleaners, balls of ice-cream thrown in the air and keeping good relation with a fellow school alumni. kinda like life, eh? about interesting discoveries, little sweet indulgence and friendship. all in a simple day out!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Life is Sweet With Pizza

la dolce vita is 'the sweet life' in italian, and also happens to be the name of a pizza place we went to last weekend. it's right next to chinese restaurant 'wok away'. from the building, the walkway, lightings - the whole works - you might have guessed we were at 'the walk', dubai marina.

for those not in the know, dubai marina's 'the walk' is something like our 'bintang walk' - only with more cafes, fast food outlets, fancy eateries and a beach on the opposite! also, all these makan places are situated below a bunch of 35-40 storey towers of more than 3000 apartment units!

the weather is getting less warmer these days as dubaians welcome winter soon, so it was a great time to walk around 'the walk', enjoying the summer-end breeze and the sea wind. what more, on weekend, there'd be a night bazaar selling all kinds of stuff (tapi tak murah ye!) - much like the bazaar in our 'the curve'.

the light work around our table was fantastic as you can see from the shots by mr. khairul. too bad ade sleepy boy dalam shot tu! this boy doesn't take noon naps, play all day, and we just had a long walk at the mall before stopping by for this pizza meal - so you can imagine how tired he was!

he was asleep while munchin bread! (syida, you would know! haha..)

pizza is pizza is pizza. in my opinion, they're all pretty much the same variety. but if ever your steps got you here at la dolce vita, do try the cream of mushroom soup. e x c e l l e n t. in fact, the best mushroom soup i've ever tasted. forget the fact that the mushroom was probably blended together with cheese and butter; and you can only see the bits - bak kata mr. khairul, "mana mushroom dia?" but heck it was good!

with one sip, there's a combo of mushroom, creamy milky taste, buttery and best of all - cheese! yeap - there's a rich cheesy buttery feel in the creamy mushroom soup that's worth your dirham down to the last drop of soup.

see my big bowl of mushroom soup!

it's served in a big bowl, you see. so personally to me, a huge portion for one person, especially with a pizza coming along. we shared. but i tell myself i'm definitely coming again just for the mushroom soup alone. and i don't need no pizza! and this time i'm not gonna share! get your own bowl, honey!

like i said previously, a pizza is a pizza is a pizza. we got ourselves a medium plate of pepperoni pizza with capsicum slices. simple, satisfying. tasty, tantalizing! oh, forget the pizza - go get the mushroom soup lah!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Kerala Wedding Reception

we started the weekend fulfilling a generous invitation to an indian wedding from a good friend of mr. khairul's staff radha. i was pretty excited because it's a wedding of a different culture, and this is only the second indian wedding i've attended.

le meridien hotel was the setting to this glorious reception.

the interior decor of the ballroom itself was fit for a festive indian party - elaborate stone carvings, loud colored curtains and bold lightings - add some flowers here and there and you've got yourself a wedding reception ala bollywood!

and the music adds to the feel of course - love songs rendered just for the guests and the bride and groom.

the ballroom; and the newlyweds

the 'party' kicked in when the newly weds made their appearance and posed for the crowds at the 'pelamin' - a sweet and simple setting of a sofa in front of a maroon backdrop, with a couple off red and white roses bouquet on each side.

then on the guests came up to the bride and groom with well-wishes and to take pictures with them at the 'pelamin'. the bride looked lovely, and of course oozing with the glow of a new bride, but i can't help but feel that she appeared too simple - the simple sari, the lack of head decoration, and surprisingly even the jewellery was kept to a minimum.

sreeja eased my wonderment, telling me that the sari may 'looked' simple but it definitely cost thousands of dirham! and the head decor and the whole hoopla was done during the solemnization - at the reception, usually they kept it simple.

radha and his happy family

radha's wife sreeja and their kids were resplendent in traditional indian garb. i especially like rahul's whole look - from the matching shawl around his neck, the shiny material of his clothing down to his 'aladdin' pointed shoes! definitely gonna get one for khaleef!

bottom pict - the waiter offering chicken bits to radha's son, rahul

the ambiance was set, the guests all have arrived, the music in full swing - but one important thing was lacking - food! bila nak makan ni? you see, during the photo session with the newly weds, i was sure we'd be eating once their done. but no. and it's already 930pm!

then the singing, (in which i thought we'd be asked to get the food so that we can eat whilst enjoying the entertainment) followed by the awfully boring belly dance (yeah, big boobs, buncit and all). but no again. and it's near 10 already!

what happened was, during all that, the waiters were going around from table to table bringing plates of chicken and this vege treat that looks like a pergedil. oh no, they didn't leave the plate at our table - instead, we were given toothpick (decorated, of course) to take the chicken bits and the pergedil from the plates before the waiter takes it to the next table.

weird huh? first time gi wedding yang serve makanan starters macam ni!

after what seemed to be endless hours of really bad belly dancing, it was announced that the buffet table was open. mr. khairul went and took two plates of briyani, popadom and segala macam lauk-pauk. they were excellent and so worth the wait!

thank you radha for including us in this festive indian wedding, and to his dear friend for having us as guests on this happy occasion of his son's marriage. may happiness be with the newlyweds always!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Kay Brothers

hey the boys are back! what is new with khaleef and lil bro, kahfi?

khaleef & kahfi goofying around

khaleef hates chicken. NOT!
one month to his 4th birthday but believe it or not, recently was the first time ever, he ate chicken willingly, knowingly and whole-heartedly. before this i have to either hide it under the rice or really mince it so that he won't see the chicken bits, or it has to be in the form of a nugget. or else he won't eat chicken. and the other day he actually held an actual drumstick and munch like it's the best thing he'd ever eaten!

kahfi hates long-sleeves. STILL!
kahfi hates long-sleeve shirt. t-shirt. pajama top. whatever with long sleeves. he would pull at the sleeve in utmost discomfort while puffing and grunting. i have to fold up the sleeves everytime, and very quickly before he develops a fit of rage. or else he'd go nuts!

* * *

khaleef loves pillows. lotsa pillows. more pillows. tons of pillows. and he'd build a fort. stack those pillows up and build a fort. especially near the window where it's easier to spot the enemy army. and usually with kahfi at the side so the little dude could take down the bad guys coming from the front.

sometimes in the fort he'd arrange the little green beret toy soldiers along the windowsill; ready for any possible attack - err, usually from kahfi - who would 'attack' and put some 'soldiers' in his mouth!

i remember as a kid i would topple up 2-3 of the old sofas (the big bulky kind - i wonder how i have the strength to terbalikkan the sofas in the first place!) in the guest room upstairs, put a bed cloth over it and voila - a makeshift haunted house. someone would be the 'ghost' sticking her hand into the celah2 sofa yg terbalik tu, and the rest of us hide inside screaming and making sure the 'hand' doesn't touch us.

man, we don't need x-box or internet games - it was the best of time! and i'm glad even at this age where kids have their own handphone, facebook acc and wii, khaleef doesn't necessarily need high-tech gadgets or expensive games to entertain himself!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Mr Khairul in Saudi

mr. khairul just came back from saudi. he went to riyadh, then went on to visit jeddah. between business visits, factory trips and such, it's a shame if one doesn't take advantage of trying out local food and the wonders of a foreign country.

i'd like to share a few pictures and saudi anecdotes from him - my fav is about the weird mandi rice they have there. you'll see!

* * *

classic shoplot. the picture with the blue signage is one of the oldest highrise in jeddah. so old that noone lives there now. ala, macam tourists yang gi penang or melaka, amik gamba kat shoplot lama, macam ni la jugak, right?

* * *

this picture really got me staring for so long at the signage. really? makam hawa? no camera was allowed inside, and a guard was always on the alert, even as mr. khairul took out his handphone. the actual grave cannot be seen; it's not a rised tomb but a vast walled up clearing.

adam khabarnya di sri lanka
, but it was not a tomb but a footprint or jejak adam; which is unusually large in size.

well, Allah knows best!

* * *

for those tired of colonel sanders' chicken, try the local chicken meal at 'al-baik'. it's hugely popular and there's always a long line inside. so much so that they introduced the numbering system at the fast food restaurant!

mr. khairul actually bought a pack of chicken meal all the way to dubai for his beloved wife to try. hihi. the meal comes together with 'garlic sauce' which i didn't try. mr. khairul said if you ate it fresh, crispy and hot, it's really quite nice. oh, well. my verdict - macam ayam kunyit!

* * *

now this was really something. mandi rice at riyadh. with noodles. i was like, ape yang macam spaghetti tu? mee lah, mr. khairul answered. he kinda likes the rice, but did away with the mee!

i remember in puasa month, mak would make the usual white rice and lauk, along with her simple fried bihun that we sisters love so much. for berbuka, we would definitely take the rice AND the bihun on one plate, and eat them together. so hey, come to think of it - rice and noodle combo is not such a far-fetched idea!

* * *

it's always comforting to know that in a foreign land, there's at least one familiar face extending a warm welcome. former president of myUAE pro, pakpayne resides in jeddah now, and opened his doors for any wandering fellow malaysians.

he treated them with yummy mandi dinner (jealous!) and went to see what is arguably, the tallest water fountain in the world! i didn't know that it's in jeddah!

pakpayne, khairul thanks you for your great hospitality! (and pakpayne, i still can't believe you guys went swimming!)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Meatball in 3D

it's saturday morning and we have absolutely no plans.

"jom tengok wayang!" and before we knew it, we're already at reel cinema, dubai mall - the biggest cinema in UAE (with 22 screens), in the biggest mall in the world. it just opened two months ago, and the 3D cinema started no less than a month ago, with its first 3D feature - 'cloudy with a chance of meatballs'.

and that's what we watched!

to us, cinema tickets in the uae are expensive - with rm40 per person, kids included - with no discounts, and no sitting on the lap either. so this was only our second cinema trip - the first one was when we watched madagascar 2 at wafi, even before kahfi was born.

i think i was more excited than khaleef knowing that we were about to watch the meatball movie, in 3D! hey, my first 3D movie tau! ye lah imax pun tak pernah pegi...

while waiting for the cinema hall to open khaleef goofed around with the movie posters. everything looked so squeeky clean, glossy and super brand new. saw a preview of an upcoming movie - the second 3D feature - 'toy story'. the are actually gonna show the original, first toy story (so it's not a new toy story movie) - this time it's in 3D.

ok. 5 minutes to go. armed with a huge pack of popcorn, coke and a plate of nachos with dips, we walked in with high anticipation. ada mamat dah siap tunggu at a 't junction' as we walked in, asked to see our tickets, and showed us to our cinema hall. hello, we are capable of finding a big FIVE.

but no matter, we were too excited. ok, I. I was too excited. hihi.

  • it's been so long since we had a cinema outing,
  • it's khaleef's and my first 3D cinema experience,
  • and the first cinema experience for kahfi!

i remember khaleef's first cinema trip - it was at OU, he was barely one year old and we were watching one of the most stupidest-most-money- & -time-wasting movies - 'miami vice'. a waste of jamie foxx!

kahfi was a perfectly well-behaved boy - hardly making any sounds, and was quite fixated with the colorful 'moving picture' in the big screen in front of him. when he finally got restless, he just squirmed and sat quietly soon after i gave him milk.

it was a perfectly fine and fun cinema trip!

khaleef was very amused with the 3D glasses, and happily wore them throughout the movie while munching popcorns. occasionally he would take them off, and put them back just to see the difference.

ok, i did that too! when something splashed, i actually flinched! haha. good times!

'cloudy with a chance of mealtballs' is the cutest movie! i love cute cartoons, and i love food. what more could i want than a cartoon about food that falls from the sky like rain? khaleef had fun spotting the foods that fell outta the sky and he LOVE the part where it was 'snowing' ice-cream! it's every kids' dream come true!

hmm, now what would happen if it rained rendang and lemang here... "look, agh! some rendang drops got into my eye! my eye! help! pedih!" or with a huge roti canai enveloping dataran merdeka, with a river of dalca on the side? gulp!

* * *

after watching a movie about food, and gigantic hotdogs falling from the sky, who can resist getting one?

we went to dubai mall foodcourt for a snack, and saw johnny rockets - boasting 'the original hamburger'. it's got hotdog too - so i gave it a try. hmm, i must be honest (uhuk!) and say it's pretty disappointing! the hotdog was kering and all wrinkly, and the bread was not as fresh as it should be!

it's - ok. edible. but should be great!

my fav hotdog stand has got to be, 1901. the best, fat juicy hot dog, served on hot steamy buns. (ok, before i sound like a metaphoric 18sx personal ad, lemme just stop here! >snicker<)

mr. khairul had a chilli fries, and i prefered that one over my hotdog!

* * *

had been jealous ever since i saw syida's posting on 'suga' - a candy store in melbourne that she went to with her best friend sofia who's visiting her. you can read about it here. and most importantly, to check out her mouth-watering pictures of the colorful candies!

i don't have much picture - heck, in fact, i only have ONE picture - coz it says 'no camera'. wek!

nways, i went looking for this store as i'd seen a feature on 'dubai out and about' about 'candylicious' - a huge candy store just opened at dubai mall. interesting enough, it's the 1000th store in the biggest mall in the world! it's not hard to find, as it's strategically situated opposite the biggest glass aquarium in the world. (ye, kat dubai mmg byk 'the biggest', 'the tallest', 'the first', 'the longest' - hihi)

ni je la gamba yg bole di amik. 'no cameras' kat dalam!

geram gile masuk kedai ni!

candies of every shape and sizes. of any imaginable colors and flavors. chocolates of all sorts. even popcorns and ice-cream! get it by the grams, packets and boxes! there's a section with beautiful gift boxes and pretty paper bags to put candy canes and other sweeties.

there's a huge lollipop tree in the middle of the store!

mr. khairul just returned from saudi, bringing back bags and boxes of chocolates - so we just looked around admiring the colorful sights. there's always next time to indulge in this sweet, sinful delights!

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