Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Birthdays, New Job & Exams

good news, good week, good anticipation for my cousins, my sis-in-law and both my youngest sisters.

* * *

siti & wani

looks like there's a number of october babies - on the 2nd and 6th of this month, it's happy, happy birthday to my cousins wani and her younger sister siti, both daughters of my mak's sister, cik. more october babies coming soon!

* * *

tina with nephew khaleef

mr. khairul's sister started her new job for about one week already now. have fun and don't forget to save your pay for khaleef and kahfi's next year duit raya!

* * *

azi & syida

days of cramming in the middle of the night and noon, surrounding yourself with piles of book just so you wouldn't feel guilty - it's the exam week for my sisters syida and azi! good luck girls! i hate this week the most as you guys would be too busy to go online!

oh, as we're still on the exam bit - best of luck also to my cousin nadhirah on her PMR. hey, it's just a stepping stone to choose a stream next year, so take it easy! you'll sail thru!

cepatlah korang abis exam... my yahoo messenger is so sunyi sepi...

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