Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

halloween is over, folks. but to me there's always a good time to immerse yourself in a good ghost story, and scare yourself silly watching a horror movie.

here are countless ghost stories in my collection to spook and scare in 13 books of horrors!
  1. 100 ghastly little ghost stories
  2. best ghost stories by charles dickens
  3. bodies of the dead & other great american ghost stories
  4. ghost stories by m.r. james
  5. true ghost stories from around the world
  6. the fourth bumper book of ghost stories
  7. the giant book of ghost stories
  8. best new horror
  9. the second pan book of horror stories
  10. the13th pan book of horror stories
  11. the exorcist by william peter blatty
  12. the vampire lestat by anne rice
  13. rosemary's baby by ira levin

which one should i read on this dark and (sand-stormy?) evening tonight.. ah, or there's always the endless selection of stephen king's masterpieces...

* * *

hey, i don't celebrate halloween so jgn start ngutuk. but i like the idea that halloween is associated with ghosts and hauntings because i'm fan of ghost stories! - and dressing up like a famous person or character! the picture combo below was not me at a halloween party, but the annual dinner for malaysia hall melbourne.

saje nak bernostalgia...

but we did dress up nice and neat as our fav characters; the really cool ones that i remember was kak laili as the witch (she won best costume, right?), shaq as 'zorro', titi as 'mary poppins', dolah the 'cowboy' and kak efa as 'inspector gadget'! many, many more lah!

some really rented (or maybe bought) a whole set of costume to be 'the fairy godmother' like nurin! some just rely on the magic of make-up like shah who simply painted his face white as 'the crow'. some got creative and made their own using the stuff they already have; like liyana as 'cruella de vil' - complete with handmade bulu ayam head decor!

it was such a fun night!

me? i was fbi special agent dana scully-lah! not obvious enough ke?


paij188 said...

hei, starting from the all hallow eve.. (halloween) the FOXmovies has been playing all horror movies they can think of for halloween.. until this evening.. non stop.. including the old potergeist movie. anyway the thing u listed there is among the things that I came across until last nite.

Syigim said...

yup fairus!!! mmg i excitd gile.. tgk marathon 'the shining', 'poltergeist' & 'dracula'... esok pagi tu ade 'casper' lagi khaleef mmg enjoy! :)

liyana said...

kak syigim, can't believe u put that pix in!...ain't i was and still darn gorgeous...hahahaha konon2 nak resemble cruella de vil...

Johnny said...

Have you read the BLACK BOOKS OF HORROR?

Syigim said...

>> liyana, u r as pretty as always la ok?! ;)

>> johnny, i dont have that in my collection, and not that i remember reading it.

any good?

Johnny said...


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