Friday, October 9, 2009

To the Sharifuddin Sisters

by syigim

so far, so long, a million of mile,
someone, somewhere dreams of a smile,
i look for ants to keep myself busy,
i wouldn't i won't miss them like crazy.

each night, each noon, each minute of day,
i long for their chats, their talk, their say,
their face in my eyes, their voice in my mind,
another same company, nowhere can i find.

the first is feminine, a teacher so sweet,
but wait till you hear, wait till you meet,
her nuna is chubby, cute and cuddly,
with the H brothers so loud and ever so bubbly.

no words can describe, no vocab too fit,
the second is bursting with charm and great wit,
weirdo no doubt, wacky most certainly,
without her the party of 5 would be gloomy.

the brain of the 5 is in the middle
a princess she has, no wait, she got a couple,
she's the mami jarum too, the gossip queen
sharing things that she heard, things that she's seen.

the fourth one is doing 'time' down under,
a student, a tourist, a traveler, an adventurer,
on trains, on busses, on trams and on foot,
an attitude she has and a smart head to boot.

the clown in the family is the little one,
funny, cheery, lots of laugh, lots of fun,
though youngest she is, the tallest of all,
with her in the 5 life's really quite a ball!

today, tomorrow, for the rest of the year,
i count, i wait for the day to come near,
more gifts more souvenir, more goodies to pack,
another flight home, another trip back.

star light star bright, i wish i might,
see them soon, and the 5 will unite,
friends, buddies, sisters at most,
without them i'll surely be at a lost!

* * *

teringat kat uia, we were analysing a poem about loss, and missing someone. kehilangan. kerinduan. when my lecturer asked, "what is the theme of the poem?" and picked one guy from the lot. he answered, rather unsurely -

"err. the theme of the"

missing? ilang ke mane? haha. ok enough iklan.

miss you, sis!

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