Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Interview With Khaleef

been having 'interesting' exchange of words with my first born these days...

khaleef's impersonation of santa claus

i was cuting up carrots, while toasting bread for khaleef.

me : khaleef, what's this?
khaleef : carrot!
me : who eats carrots?
khaleef : hmm, wabbit!
me : do you like to eat carrots?
khaleef : (long pause) hmm, no!
me : why not?
khaleef : (long pause)

ting! sound of toaster.

khaleef : mak, almost done! (referring to his toasted bread, and started to babble about bread, and jam, and butter, and sugar; changing the subject)

saved by the bell!

* * *

khaleef just finished a plate of pasta i made for him.

khaleef : mak, good job khaleef, and good job mak!
me : why good job khaleef?
khaleef : good job khaleef, finish. (showing me his empty plate)
me : why good job mak?
khaleef : (a short pause) good job mak because (another pause) this is bery bery nice!

sigh! my heart skip a beat! i'll make pasta for you for as long as you want me to!

* * *

khaleef was eating ice-cream.

me : khaleef, bagi kahfi sikit, please.
khaleef : (who usually shares things with his lil bro) no, cannot.
me : just a little bit.
khaleef : no, kahfi cannot eat ice-cream.
me : why kahfi cannot?
khaleef : (pause and thinking) kahfi cannot.. (pause) because.. (pause) uhuk! uhuk! (making coughing sounds)

abih khaleef tak batuk ke makan aiskrim?!

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diyana anwar said...

haha , khaleef lawak :D

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