Sunday, October 4, 2009

Slumdog Millionaire Restaurant

it's just one of our fav makan place in dubai, alongside al-tawasol and da shi dai. but no, it's not an eaterie that goes after the name of the oscar-winning movie, so don't start suing them.

when you look at the picture of the place, and taste the food it serves, you'll know what i mean - it looks like we're in a slum area what with the run-down apartment building and the fact that the restaurant is in a narrow alley off satwa - but upon tasting the excellent food inside, you'd feel like a million dirham!

hence; i coin it - slumdog millionaire restaurant!

don't judge a book by its cover - this old worn-out lookin restaurant has excellent food! (also, notice the little alley you have to walk along to get to the restaurant)

new sagar restaurant is an indian restaurant in satwa - a real underdog in the mushrooms of indian restaurant around that area, for the looks of the place don't do justice to the food inside! oh, and you cannot possibly see it from the main road if you try to find it while driving around.

first, you have to look for delhi darbar, a fancy indian restaurant (good food too). then on the opposite, try to locate a narrow little alley between an abaya/bags/accessories shop and a construction fence. if you're lucky, you can drive along the alley and park inside - if not, there's a nice paid-parking lot right beside.

* * *

if you wanna imagine what it's like inside, it's like a very sempit mamak restaurant like in malaysia, but not the flashy mamak restaurant, ok - the old, old ones that seemed dark and gloomy.

but hey wait - step inside and you'll see how surprisingly clean and fresh the place is! it's sempit, yes - but only because i think they don't bother with personal space - ALL their patrons are males, most of them workers around satwa - they eat, they leave.

so this place don't bother with having a section for families (like in green city with the divider) or making it comfy for women and babies (only fit for a small stroller) - its demographic is really the male workers. these hardcore workers don't need flashy seats of fancy flowers on the table - they demand good food, tummy-filling and mount-full of meat and rice on their plate.

everytime and i mean everytime we went - upon entering, i noticed that i was the only female. so if you're interested, remember that it's not a family-friendly place - but it's comfy and clean if you don't mind the narrow space and the stares and oogling.

and the briyani - oh, man. it's so worth it!

* * *

i'll start with the parotha or what we malaysians know as roti canai. if you're missing a good ol crispy ones, you can come here. the one in green city is still the best for me in dubai, but this one is worth the try too.

the main reason why we keep coming back to the new sagar restaurant is because of its briyani. because, well because. hmm.


i have no words. no words to describe the tasty, soft beads of rice accompanied by the juicy chicken cooked inside the briyani. you just have to try it yourself.

i like a simple briyani - without the menyibuk cashew nuts, heavy spice taste and all the bunga cengkih and its cousins and neighbours! this briyani has all the makings of an excellent plate, without the disturbing bits.

the delicious briyani is served with a plate of fresh salad or cut-up vegetables - cucumber slices, carrots, onions - the usual fare in dubai. a plate of nasi berperisa, mesti sekali dengan sayur-sayur.

now what i also like is the side-dishes - (i wish i know what its called, and what's actually in it!) this santan-milk-yoghurt like substance with cut-up onions inside. (mohana, help me out if you know the name!) very very nice - like a mild sour cream - an excellent dip for the crispy cold cucumber and the popadom.

and if you notice on the plate of popadam, a bunch of orangy coconut kelapa parut - really weird and it's the first time i see it eaten like this. just mix it with rice or eaten with the popadom. sweet and spicy to the taste. it's probably one of the ingredients you'd put in a kerabu, right? but this one is just on it's own.

to top it all, a nice sweet porridge, a classic indian dessert. it looks like bubur cha cha, and taste as sweet and good. it's complimentary, so give it a go - taste for free!

* * *

so if you're game for some indian food this weekend, head on to the new sagar restaurant in satwa. there's so many - so many indian restaurant in dubai selling briyani - from fancy ones to the humble one down a quiet street. so it's good to spot a place that has one of the better ones in dubai.

tapau je
if you're uncomfortable going to what seemed to be an all-male restaurant coz sometimes i do that, especially when both the boys are asleep...


FiDa@aMiDa said...

yummy roti canai..satwa area mana ni?

Anonymous said...

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