Friday, October 30, 2009

Burger Pool Party

good food, great ambiance, the best of company - what more could one wants?

you see, it all started when i was thinking of burger ramlee tepi jalan back home.

so, i whipped up a couple of burgers, toasted some buns, fried some fries, grated the cabbage and carrots for the coleslaw. took out the chilli sauce, tomato ketchup, mayo, mustard, butter and cheese. bagged a bottle of iced water and coke.

and we were ready to roll!

we took our hot and fresh 'picnic bags' on the rooftop where the pool is, and laid down the food stuff. the weather was excellent. looked like summer was going bye bye! it was cool, windy and oh so breezy!

khaleef the 'water boy' was the most excited going into the pool; and more excited coming out once in a while munching hot, freshly fried fries! the pool was heated so the water was warm and cozy so it was just perfect to take a dip on a windy day.

after the 'big boys' were showing too much fun in the water; jumpin and splashing, the 'little' one started makin a racket! so mr. khairul took kahfi into the water too, and boy, he really loved it! he was kicking and pushing the water underneath his feet making all sorts of giggles!

* * *

it was a great 'pool party' for us se-family. plus, the view from the rooftop was breath-taking - with majestic skyscrapers with little dot of lights strewn across the small part of dubai marina that we can see; the view of a faraway atlantis across the ocean, the walk, the dark marina and the moving traffic down by the jumeirah beach residence.

..and enjoying all that in this perfect weather, while munchin our very own 'ramlee burger' with the squeels and giggly shouts of loved ones splashin in the pool.. what a way to spend an evening!


mother of two said...

wa.. banyak syoklah burger syigim itu

Arin said...

cantik view..burger ramly salut telo..marbeles!

Syigim said...

>> amacam sheila, bole bukak gerai burger kat tepi burj arab tak ;)

>> kak arin.. nothin like the real thing laaa.. burger ramlee dimasak oleh mat2 burger yg lepak atas moto kalo xde customer hihi.. the best!!

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