Friday, October 16, 2009

My Baby Sis Turns 23

it's azi's birthday!

nazirah sharifuddin is my youngest sister, a really special sibling in our family as her name is the only one without a syazrin at the beginning, aside from starting with an N instead of an S. after a string of syimee, syigim, syima and syida - why change to nazirah?

long story short - because she's special, (the only one constantly hugging mak's feet while watching tv) and turned out to be the last of sharifuddin sisters. and today she turns 23!

azi si kuntum bunga merah @ kindergarten

her laughter is something you better watch out for. tak lawak pun jadi lawak after hearing her laugh out loud. i remember syida referring to a movie, and telling me that i better watch it with azi to enjoy it better! this trait of bringing laughter wherever she goes makes her very likeable!

perhaps, being the youngest and thus (ulp) coolest (urk! ack!) azi is a hoot with her nieces and nephews. slumber parties, eating time or simply hangin out - the kids hover around her with shouts and screams and endless chatterings. even the most 'difficult' or them all, *sufya can have a jolly good time with her.

* i love to tease sufya as she is so malu with me, had never wanted to say even a single word to me and constantly looked at me with suspicious glances! haha.

as sisters, friends, persons - we both have little in common. our taste in movies, songs, books differ greatly. when i asked whether she has read my latest postings (masa tu on movie reviews), she'll casually answer, 'boring! movie yg yang tgk pun tak best je!'

ceh! but that's her! honest, with a pinch of sarcasm. and it really helps that she's funny with a pow-wow sense of humor. i'm proud to say that after two kids, i willingly abdicate from my 'family clown' throne and gave her the crown.

khaleef & his mak su

common interest or not, we have a close relationship bonded by 'time' and the experience we gained together during that time.

we've been through a lot together as somehow her being out of school after spm coincide with the time i just graduated and started my first job, in ipoh. yong is stayin at her place with her family just a few kilometers away, syima was still juggling microbs and ameabas at uitm and syida was still playin with numbers in um.

so, it was just the two of us, hangin around the ipoh house, with mak and abah.

after mak passed away just weeks before i was due to fly to melbourne, azi took her place and went with me and abah. mak was always in our minds throughout our time at the kangaroo land, but i was glad she was there with me, sharing laughter and sadness; silly jokes and serious heart-felt talk.

our time really intertwined for the best - again, a few months before i was due to fly dubai, we spent a lot of time together. she'd come over and we'd lunch and munch, or i would drove to upm and bring her kfc for berbuka. i don't think i ever told her this but i was really excited to bring her food or take her to places as i feel that i am really playing my part as the big sis.

Align Rightus @ great ocean road

3, 23 or 32 - she'll always be my baby sister, and i would gladly bring her kfc anytime, anywhere (subject to availability of a car, kahfi tak meragam, duit ade lebih.. haha) have a happy birthday azi, and be good!

love always,


azi said...

wowww so terharu. sob2. teringat time kite lepak2 di ipoh. sob2. and khaleef and kahfi be4 u fly back to dubai. waaaa

waiting for the same post from syda.. hmmmmm.. hehe

Syigim said...

hoho.. ;)

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