Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Dubai : 375 Days Later

how could i have missed it? my first year living-in-dubai anniversary! 10 days before, last year, i stepped foot onto dubai soil to be another one of its thousands expats.

so far so good!

mr. khairul flew out first, to settle any official paper works - resident visa, work visa, apartment, makin health card and checkin out hospitals for me (since i was due to deliver kahfi in dubai) - basically just giving time for himself to settle down and work things out before his wife and kid arrived.

i spent ramadhan and puasa with my family and come oct 8 - i flew to dubai at 7 months pregnant, with khaleef, abah and umi. my sisters azot and syimot sent me off; i think haqeem demam kot, so yong couldn't be with us.

my fav aunts were there; aunty na and cik with my cousins. also bid me farewell were my in-laws as well as my dear office-mates; mohana, dora, jo and haida. jennifer just delivered her first born caitlyn so she couldn't come along. speaking of babies, irda was havin a bad case of morn-noon-and night sickness as she was pregnant with her first born hannah, so put came on her behalf.

it was an exciting flight, as it was khaleef's first. i wasn't too worried about restlessness, or possible temperamental outbursts from khaleef as i know there'd be an endless choice of disney cartoons for him to be occupied with. he was 2 going on 3 a huge fan of ariel, buzz lightyear, mulan, nemo and the rest of disney clan!

turned out it was much easier than i expected - he watched 'the little mermaid' for barely 20 minutes before passing out in deep sleep for the entire duration of the flight!

* * *

well, words can't describe the beautiful reunion, when i finally get to hug mr. khairul after nearly 2 months of not seeing each other. *smile* and the look on khaleef's face - priceless.

fast forward a day later, of course mr. khairul took abah and me to what is now the best makan place in dubai - al-tawasol! abah loves it, i'm sure - sampai ke malaysia cari nasi mandi jugak! as for me, i was hooked from that day onwards!

later that evening, mr. khairul and his right hand man radha took us to jebel hafeet, a rock mountain in the outskirts of al-ain, which offers fantastic view of its surroundings. keliling tu batu je! this mountain is actually part of the border to oman! come by sunset, and the view is breathless!

at the foot of the mountain is the 'green mubazzarah' - a lovely foothill park with green clearings for picnics and a hot-water springs. abah ade rendam kaki kat situ kan?

* * *

we didn't go out with abah and umi every day - as abah needed his rest and he just spent his days in dubai hangin around the area near his hotel, namely the burjuman mall.

but there was a day when we went out for lunch at 'mutiara restaurant', offering authentic indon cuisine. we had plain white rice with rendang daging, white curry and udang goreng tepung. the lauk-pauks are simple tapi sedap. boleh la nak melepas rindu makanan dan lauk-pauk melayu.

later that night mr. khairul brought abah and umi to take pictures at famous landmarks in dubai - the 7 star hotel burj al-arab, and the amazing hotel on the man-made palm island; the atlantis.

we also went for the delicious buffet dinner ontop of the brightly lit dhow; (a wooden vessel with lots of lights decorating it) and enjoyed our meal as it glided across the dubai creek under the moonlight with the view of the old dubai city. it was wonderful!

* * *

abah, it's been a year since you came to dubai. time to come again!

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