Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Kay Brothers

hey the boys are back! what is new with khaleef and lil bro, kahfi?

khaleef & kahfi goofying around

khaleef hates chicken. NOT!
one month to his 4th birthday but believe it or not, recently was the first time ever, he ate chicken willingly, knowingly and whole-heartedly. before this i have to either hide it under the rice or really mince it so that he won't see the chicken bits, or it has to be in the form of a nugget. or else he won't eat chicken. and the other day he actually held an actual drumstick and munch like it's the best thing he'd ever eaten!

kahfi hates long-sleeves. STILL!
kahfi hates long-sleeve shirt. t-shirt. pajama top. whatever with long sleeves. he would pull at the sleeve in utmost discomfort while puffing and grunting. i have to fold up the sleeves everytime, and very quickly before he develops a fit of rage. or else he'd go nuts!

* * *

khaleef loves pillows. lotsa pillows. more pillows. tons of pillows. and he'd build a fort. stack those pillows up and build a fort. especially near the window where it's easier to spot the enemy army. and usually with kahfi at the side so the little dude could take down the bad guys coming from the front.

sometimes in the fort he'd arrange the little green beret toy soldiers along the windowsill; ready for any possible attack - err, usually from kahfi - who would 'attack' and put some 'soldiers' in his mouth!

i remember as a kid i would topple up 2-3 of the old sofas (the big bulky kind - i wonder how i have the strength to terbalikkan the sofas in the first place!) in the guest room upstairs, put a bed cloth over it and voila - a makeshift haunted house. someone would be the 'ghost' sticking her hand into the celah2 sofa yg terbalik tu, and the rest of us hide inside screaming and making sure the 'hand' doesn't touch us.

man, we don't need x-box or internet games - it was the best of time! and i'm glad even at this age where kids have their own handphone, facebook acc and wii, khaleef doesn't necessarily need high-tech gadgets or expensive games to entertain himself!


arin said...

kids mmg gitu..imaginasi tinggi..hanum nye imaginasi, kadang mmg macam tengok dia seronok je bercakap as if ader kawan melayan..:)

paij188 said...

i still remember when i was that age.. my imagination.. (Allah je lah yang tau) very high! Klu u bukak cartoon network.. try watch ELLIOT the KID.. macam tulah kot..?

Syigim said...

>> hahaha.. kak arin, gim jumpa skali kat dlm kelisa kak arin pun nmpak da pokpek2 dia sorang2 ;)

>> fairus, kot2 kita lagi creative than our kiddos.. guna je ape yg ade kat umah... :P

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