Friday, October 23, 2009

Life is Sweet With Pizza

la dolce vita is 'the sweet life' in italian, and also happens to be the name of a pizza place we went to last weekend. it's right next to chinese restaurant 'wok away'. from the building, the walkway, lightings - the whole works - you might have guessed we were at 'the walk', dubai marina.

for those not in the know, dubai marina's 'the walk' is something like our 'bintang walk' - only with more cafes, fast food outlets, fancy eateries and a beach on the opposite! also, all these makan places are situated below a bunch of 35-40 storey towers of more than 3000 apartment units!

the weather is getting less warmer these days as dubaians welcome winter soon, so it was a great time to walk around 'the walk', enjoying the summer-end breeze and the sea wind. what more, on weekend, there'd be a night bazaar selling all kinds of stuff (tapi tak murah ye!) - much like the bazaar in our 'the curve'.

the light work around our table was fantastic as you can see from the shots by mr. khairul. too bad ade sleepy boy dalam shot tu! this boy doesn't take noon naps, play all day, and we just had a long walk at the mall before stopping by for this pizza meal - so you can imagine how tired he was!

he was asleep while munchin bread! (syida, you would know! haha..)

pizza is pizza is pizza. in my opinion, they're all pretty much the same variety. but if ever your steps got you here at la dolce vita, do try the cream of mushroom soup. e x c e l l e n t. in fact, the best mushroom soup i've ever tasted. forget the fact that the mushroom was probably blended together with cheese and butter; and you can only see the bits - bak kata mr. khairul, "mana mushroom dia?" but heck it was good!

with one sip, there's a combo of mushroom, creamy milky taste, buttery and best of all - cheese! yeap - there's a rich cheesy buttery feel in the creamy mushroom soup that's worth your dirham down to the last drop of soup.

see my big bowl of mushroom soup!

it's served in a big bowl, you see. so personally to me, a huge portion for one person, especially with a pizza coming along. we shared. but i tell myself i'm definitely coming again just for the mushroom soup alone. and i don't need no pizza! and this time i'm not gonna share! get your own bowl, honey!

like i said previously, a pizza is a pizza is a pizza. we got ourselves a medium plate of pepperoni pizza with capsicum slices. simple, satisfying. tasty, tantalizing! oh, forget the pizza - go get the mushroom soup lah!

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