Sunday, October 18, 2009

Meatball in 3D

it's saturday morning and we have absolutely no plans.

"jom tengok wayang!" and before we knew it, we're already at reel cinema, dubai mall - the biggest cinema in UAE (with 22 screens), in the biggest mall in the world. it just opened two months ago, and the 3D cinema started no less than a month ago, with its first 3D feature - 'cloudy with a chance of meatballs'.

and that's what we watched!

to us, cinema tickets in the uae are expensive - with rm40 per person, kids included - with no discounts, and no sitting on the lap either. so this was only our second cinema trip - the first one was when we watched madagascar 2 at wafi, even before kahfi was born.

i think i was more excited than khaleef knowing that we were about to watch the meatball movie, in 3D! hey, my first 3D movie tau! ye lah imax pun tak pernah pegi...

while waiting for the cinema hall to open khaleef goofed around with the movie posters. everything looked so squeeky clean, glossy and super brand new. saw a preview of an upcoming movie - the second 3D feature - 'toy story'. the are actually gonna show the original, first toy story (so it's not a new toy story movie) - this time it's in 3D.

ok. 5 minutes to go. armed with a huge pack of popcorn, coke and a plate of nachos with dips, we walked in with high anticipation. ada mamat dah siap tunggu at a 't junction' as we walked in, asked to see our tickets, and showed us to our cinema hall. hello, we are capable of finding a big FIVE.

but no matter, we were too excited. ok, I. I was too excited. hihi.

  • it's been so long since we had a cinema outing,
  • it's khaleef's and my first 3D cinema experience,
  • and the first cinema experience for kahfi!

i remember khaleef's first cinema trip - it was at OU, he was barely one year old and we were watching one of the most stupidest-most-money- & -time-wasting movies - 'miami vice'. a waste of jamie foxx!

kahfi was a perfectly well-behaved boy - hardly making any sounds, and was quite fixated with the colorful 'moving picture' in the big screen in front of him. when he finally got restless, he just squirmed and sat quietly soon after i gave him milk.

it was a perfectly fine and fun cinema trip!

khaleef was very amused with the 3D glasses, and happily wore them throughout the movie while munching popcorns. occasionally he would take them off, and put them back just to see the difference.

ok, i did that too! when something splashed, i actually flinched! haha. good times!

'cloudy with a chance of mealtballs' is the cutest movie! i love cute cartoons, and i love food. what more could i want than a cartoon about food that falls from the sky like rain? khaleef had fun spotting the foods that fell outta the sky and he LOVE the part where it was 'snowing' ice-cream! it's every kids' dream come true!

hmm, now what would happen if it rained rendang and lemang here... "look, agh! some rendang drops got into my eye! my eye! help! pedih!" or with a huge roti canai enveloping dataran merdeka, with a river of dalca on the side? gulp!

* * *

after watching a movie about food, and gigantic hotdogs falling from the sky, who can resist getting one?

we went to dubai mall foodcourt for a snack, and saw johnny rockets - boasting 'the original hamburger'. it's got hotdog too - so i gave it a try. hmm, i must be honest (uhuk!) and say it's pretty disappointing! the hotdog was kering and all wrinkly, and the bread was not as fresh as it should be!

it's - ok. edible. but should be great!

my fav hotdog stand has got to be, 1901. the best, fat juicy hot dog, served on hot steamy buns. (ok, before i sound like a metaphoric 18sx personal ad, lemme just stop here! >snicker<)

mr. khairul had a chilli fries, and i prefered that one over my hotdog!

* * *

had been jealous ever since i saw syida's posting on 'suga' - a candy store in melbourne that she went to with her best friend sofia who's visiting her. you can read about it here. and most importantly, to check out her mouth-watering pictures of the colorful candies!

i don't have much picture - heck, in fact, i only have ONE picture - coz it says 'no camera'. wek!

nways, i went looking for this store as i'd seen a feature on 'dubai out and about' about 'candylicious' - a huge candy store just opened at dubai mall. interesting enough, it's the 1000th store in the biggest mall in the world! it's not hard to find, as it's strategically situated opposite the biggest glass aquarium in the world. (ye, kat dubai mmg byk 'the biggest', 'the tallest', 'the first', 'the longest' - hihi)

ni je la gamba yg bole di amik. 'no cameras' kat dalam!

geram gile masuk kedai ni!

candies of every shape and sizes. of any imaginable colors and flavors. chocolates of all sorts. even popcorns and ice-cream! get it by the grams, packets and boxes! there's a section with beautiful gift boxes and pretty paper bags to put candy canes and other sweeties.

there's a huge lollipop tree in the middle of the store!

mr. khairul just returned from saudi, bringing back bags and boxes of chocolates - so we just looked around admiring the colorful sights. there's always next time to indulge in this sweet, sinful delights!


ramona said...

i've seen the movie too~ indeed!! a very very very the veryyy syiOk punye movie.. hihihi~

Syigim said...

i'm a cartoon fan so mmg enjoy! :) rasa nk tgk lagi!

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