Saturday, October 17, 2009

Laksa Craving in Syawal

teringin betul nak makan laksa. nak buat sendiri tak reti. and niraku, if you're reading this, i can't wait for you to come and make your terrific signature laksa!

having had this crave for quite some time now, i was so glad to be invited for two raya open houses yesterday, promising laksa as one of the dishes. seri's house (who just came back from malaysia for raya) and the home of kak pah and haji syed sofi.

as usual, during any open house in dubai, it is great to find that your mutual friends are already there to share laughters and raya meals. among those were the As; aida and afza, with kak zaida and abg imran, as well as abe nik and eiyda. away from friends and families in malaysia, what better was to spend the remainings of syawal with new-found friends in dubai? it was like meeting old pals!

with tuan rumah, seri

i told seri, that she has made my dream menu! my long-craved laksa, and nasi tomato! i absolutely love nasi tomato above all nasi-nasi berperisa (this is before nasi mandi came to challenge its place!) with ayam merah tomato yang pedas sedang-sedang, just perfect for my taste-bud, complete with acar timun. perfecto!

what's your pick? laksa penang ada, laksa johor pun ada. my fav is of course nasi tomato!

man, i had a few helpings to fill my happy tummy! sedap sangat nasi tomato! thanks so much seri for a wonderful raya meal! also, for having the 'mini nursery' to occupy the kiddos. good thinking!

of course, the mandatory group photo was taken before everyone left. the ladies and the men, all with full tummies and happy smiles.

* * *

as evening crept in, we headed on to the next open house, rumah kak pah and haji syed sofi. the aroma of hot laksa greeted us as we entered with warm welcome from the tuan rumah who was still busy in the kitchen frying a fresh batch of cucur udang!

woah, cucur udang kak pah tu memang terbaik! cicah with homemade kuah kacang - excellent!

other than the awesomely fresh-fried cucur udang, there was also laksa of course, mee kari and roti jala. lemang dan rendang pun ada with bowls of raya cookies and crispy potato snacks.

while we enjoyed our raya dishes, the guests were 'entertained' by the karaoke singing of even tuan rumah haji syed sofi himself, singing the classics!

before leaving, kak pah insisted that there were more food than the remaining expected guests, so she suggested that we tapau some food! hmm, rezeki jangan ditolak! mr. khairul happily helped himself with some chicken curry and roti jala.

thanks kak pah for the delicious yummies and siap kasi tapau lagi!

most of all thanks for having your open houses so far later that we feel raya is still around despite already being at the end of syawal. hey wadaya know - i'm gonna miss raya this first-time raya in dubai!

* * *

dalam kemeriahan akhir syawal, tak lupa sedekahkan al-Fatihah kepada arwah abah fida, yang pulang ke rahmatullah pada 15 oct lepas. syukur fida dapat tiket balik malaysia hari tu jugak dan sempat kebumikan abahnya di sungkai, perak. to fida, sabar, tabah hati and jaga diri baik-baik ok. we're here for you when you return, if you wanna share. take care!

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