Monday, July 28, 2014

Things I Love About Syawal 2014



cuddly cousins on malam raya. the boys with their cousins on mak’s side : from left kahfi, sufya, kazim, icha & khaleef


* * *



what goes on instagram – and what actually happened. haha. our family potrait at abah’s front lawn in ipoh on 1st day raya morning. father and son both donning the unmistakable quad-colored mckk sampin.


* * *




..when kids line up for duit raya!


* * *



siblings fight! normal scene. keep walking. nothing to see here.


* * *



 5 hulubalang berkaca mata yang berjaya menawan bunga-bunga dari taman larangan haji sharifuddin. huhu. sitting down : faiz and din. standing behind them is eldest son-in-law abg mat, nash & my mr khairul. you’ve got good taste dudes. haha.


* * *


IMG_2569 IMG_2572

2nd raya : think green!


* * *



ipoh family! complete set of 5 daughters & 5 sons-in-law, 10 cucu. alhamdulillah!



kg lalang family! we’re missing ateh who was celebrating raya in cairo with newly-wedded hubby pawi. 5 kids, 2 daughters-in-law & 5 cucu. alhamdulillah!


* * *



love this photo! the boys with their cousins on bapak’s side. each character shining through – the serious no-nonsense big bro. the loud 2nd-born kahfi. the cheeky kazim. the princess-y wafa. and the ever adorabs khairy.


* * *



…and to top it all, the cherry on top – a classic shot of us in our raya best, on an old wooden staircase back in time. selamat hari raya aidilfitri 2014, maaf zahir batin.

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