Friday, July 4, 2014

Hosting Berbuka for Malaysian Friends in Dubai

it’s been a long while since we have makan-makan at our place. the last time was probably one of the boys’ birthday. so that’s why this year we decided to have 2 berbuka puasa makan-makan back to back before i go back to malaysia with the kids for the long winter break.



the main dish for berbuka – my chicken curry. alhamdulillah! jamu orang berbuka kena masak sedap-sedap huhu!



i’ve got the chicken curry, ikan kembung belado (habiskan stok sebab confirm mr. khairul tak masak ikan for himself while i’m gone! hihi), ikan bilis goreng cili. and we also have ketupat daun palas and serunding; with spaghetti for the kids.



the malaysian government officers in dubai. my khairul, sharom, hazly, syed and helme. berkhidmat untuk negara yo!



pretty malaysian mommies in dubai – clockwise from middle top with kak jah (my beloved tukang urut masa pantang), aida in pink, eiyda; and me with two perwakilan ladies dilah & ika (both dah balik malaysia for good pun at the time of writing. sob sob) and top left is me with kak mira. thanks for coming ladies!



friends made in dubai. friends for life. thanks for coming!

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