Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Syawal in Penang : Over the New 2nd Penang Bridge

mr. khairul’s mom is from langat. and his bapak has a thick perak accent. so where did that penang accent come from the way he speaks? well mr khairul was born and raised in penang – so while all his other siblings seem capable of speaking with a perak accent, mr khairul is utagha through and through.

on that note, that is why it’s like mandatory for us when we come back to malaysia from dubai, to visit his old playground – the penang island.



the boys were super excited. this was their first ever ferry trip and even more fun to share this momentous occasion with their atuk.



of course, a trip to penang is incomplete without enjoying a plate of nasi kandar at his favorite spot - ‘line clear’. me, i don’t understand the obsession with nasi kandar. it’s basically just curry and fried chicken. so? haha but the magic is in the curry campoq, and the crispy crunch special flour-marinated fried chicken. i cant remember having nasi kandar while growing up – i only ate it more often since married to this penang boy!



my sis-in-law with her scrumptious plate of nasi kandar. mr. khairul loves it so much! no time for selfies or pictures! dig in!


 IMG_2904 IMG_2916

this is also a must-stop. chendul teochew – soft fat beads of green cendol, in a pool of cool coconut milk with a drizzle of gula melaka. heavenly when you slurp it on a hot day, especially after a huge mountainous plate of nasi kandar! that’s khaleef in 2014, and that’s us in 2005 with the family friend tato.



us & the boys


 IMG_2926 IMG_2922

went to penang by ferry, went back to kg lalang through the new 2nd penang bridge or its official name, ‘the sultan abd halim muádzam shah bridge’ (the sultan of kedah, and the reigning yang dipertuan agong). totalling 24 km in length, it will take motorists around 20 minutes to cross the RM4.5 billion bridge from batu kawan on the mainland and batu maung on the island. it is the longest bridge in southeast asia!


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