Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Glow-in-the-Dark Golf @ Tee & Putt, Wafi Mall

wanna play golf 18 hole – in the dark? head on to wafi mall, top floor near the foodcourt area. won’t miss it.




MINIature golf is simply that – golf, in mini size. each hole has its own design and difficulty, but all centered around the theme space. so the setting is super cool – mainly space theme with astronouts, spaceships and aliens.



from the wafi mall food court, you come down an escalator straight to the counter. pick your golf clubs, balls and start hitting ém!





they also cater for parties and even corporate functions – so company gile-gile yang nak treat staff diorng to silly rounds of mini golf in the dark with space theme – you’ve found the place!




for the first few holes we had the tee & putt mini golf all to ourselves and we can leisurely play and take our time. however if there was a group which started playing after us, we need to hustle a little bit knowing there are people catching up to us and we don’t want to hold them back.




mr. khairul is more into golf that i EVER will (although, of course mr khairul is into most sports MORE than i do) but i did try a few rounds! hihi. well, you don’t have to like golf to enjoy tee & putt mini golf. i was there having fun with my kids and that’s what it is all about.


visit the tee & putt website for more information. click here.

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