Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Berbuka With ‘Single’ Malaysian Men in Dubai

the long winter break for school always starts way before ramadhan, so during this time in previous years, i should already be back in ipoh preparing for ramadhan while mr. khairul stayed back in dubai. he would only come back a few days before hari raya.

however, this year ramadhan 2014 was only a week away after the school holiday started so i decided to postpone my trip back to malaysia so that i can finally have a full week of ramadhan with mr khairul before balik kampungdah lama tak berpuasa berbuka sama-sama di awal ramadhan!

when i go back to malaysia without him, he would sometimes be invited over at a friend’s house for berbuka – since he’s ‘single’ during ramadhan haha and THAT is the ‘single man’ that i’m referring to here – *single* men yg married actually tapi wife and kids sume dah awal-awal balik kampung because of the school holiday.

i’m always grateful that there are kind souls out there who would offer delicious malaysian dishes for my husband, so i gladly returned the favor to other *single* men that ramadhan. delicious lauk-pauk from syigim’s kitchen!


* * *



ayam masak lemak cili padi – a classic favorite of mr. khairul & my eldest boy khaleef



ikan kembung belado – to spice things up!


IMG_1036 IMG_1040

the sambal was later smeared all over the eggs *yum!* and for veggie dish i made tumis sayur kacang.



another yummy appetizer – ikan bilis ngan kacang goreng cili, love it!



for after terawih – crispy crunchy popiah daging – resepi mak tersayang.



and dessert of course – a sweet, simple pulut jagung


* * *



alhamdulillah, nothing satisfies a cook than to see people enjoying their meals and taking 2nd, 3rd helpings!



alhamdulillah, solat terawih at our humble home with saudara mushil as the imam. may it adds berkat to our home.



masyaAllah saudara mushil ended the terawih with a short tazkirah. may we all benefit from his brief words.



more dessert! thanks joe for bringing this black forest cake. more yummy stuff to jamu people!


* * *



old boys of malay college kuala kangsar in dubai – abg nizalman v90, my kay v96 and abg mushil v90 – thanks for coming!




thanks for coming guys berbuka and terawih sini! insyaAllah 2015 kami host lagi! hihi


* * *


hadith Rasulullah SAW : ‘barangsiapa yg menjamu seorang yg berpuasa untuk berbuka puasa, maka perbuatan yg baik itu, menyebabkan ia di ampunkan dosanya dan menjadi penebus dirinya dari neraka dan ia pula mendapat pahala seperti pahala org yg berpuasa yg dijamunya itu, dgn tidak mengurangkan pahala org itu sedikit pun.”

insyaAllah. Allah knows best. salam ramadhan 2014.

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