Saturday, June 28, 2014

Mango Fish Curry @ Kayaloram in Karama

one thing about indian restaurants in dubai, most are rich in serving cuisines from all over india; north indian, and south indian, oh and wherever else! as a result, we get all this different kinds of briyani, all sorts of curry imaginable – indian cuisine is infinitely rich in flavours, texture and taste! amazing. and when we stumble upon kayaloram, we’re also spoilt for choice. what curry to eat with hot steamed rice?

kayaloram is near al-khazna center, karama. we were waiting for khaleef’s specs to be fixed nearby, grew hungry, and got into the first available indian restaurant. what a find. boasting ‘the real taste of kerala’, the food here is indeed delicious!



mango in curry? whaaaat or wowwww?




* * *



the interior is simple, but very clean and spacious. the staff were helpful and courteous; smartly dressed complete with head cover like shower caps. i would say, kayaloram presented itself very well.



khaleef enjoying his paratha.



we tried the chicken corn soup, a very common soup available in any indian-chinese restaurants in dubai. this one is flavourful and freshly made. yummy!



malaysians call it ‘roti canai’ but here in dubai, the same fluffy bread with crispy flakey texture is called ‘paratha or parotha’. at kayaloram, the paratha is deliciously fluffy; as good as you can get at ‘green city’ or ‘metro falcon’ – both a favorite paratha haunt for malaysians in dubai. my boys are great fans of paratha, but only my eldest khaleef eats it with spicy curry. kahfi and kazim preferred dipping their paratha in sugar.



now comes the star of the show – the ‘king fish mango curry’ with all its smell, flavour and color! i was skeptical at first; being the less adventurous foodie of the two, but mr khairul immediately loved it. love at first sip of the curry! i mean, mango FRUIT, in a savoury curry? it’s absurd (at least to me!) just like putting nangka in our masak lemak cilli padi huhu. but try it i did. it’s not drastically different in taste compared to the curries that i’ve had before, but with the mango in the curry, it does give the curry an extra kick of zest. overall, delicious with hot steamed rice!



i wanted something other than fish, which is also NOT too spicy, so we got this crispy dry-fry chicken. absolutely tasty. crispy on the outside, juicy and tender on the inside. well-marinated.



   complimentary plate of veggies.


IMG_8923 if you ever wanna try ‘the real taste of kerala’, head on to kayaloram in karama. i don’t know for sure whether it IS the REAL taste, but i can assure you that it is a great one. delicious! semua sedap!

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