Thursday, December 31, 2009

Al-Fatihah : Mak (270357 ~ 311203)

six years have passed.

six years of trying to be a woman, mom and daughter without mak to guide and share her wisdom. i hope she's proud of how i turned out to be!

here's a special post to my mak that i wrote last year.

i miss her so much.

Bibir bonda bersih lesu
Pernah dulu mengucupi dahiku
Kini kurasakan kasihnya lagi
Meski jauh dibatasi bumi

~ Usman Awang's 'Ke Makan Bonda'

* * *

al-Fatihah too for mr. khairul's opah (his bapak's mom) who passed away yesterday afternoon at ipoh. her deep perghok accent always reminds me of kampung, of hanging out with abah's side of the family, always a comfort.

"As the first grandson from my father's side, I will miss her best daging serunding on every Eid Fitri. On my last trip back (to Malaysia) in July, met her and she whispered "along kerol..mana tahu tahun depan opah tak jumpa kamu dah.."

true indeed.."

~mr. khairul

she will be missed.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Comment, Comment, Comment!

another posting from me for mombloggersplanet to end the year. altogether 5 postings have appeared on the awesome website so far, and i really thank little mama (founder of mombloggersplanet) for the opportunity to share my words and thoughts to the malaysian moms circle!

click picture for original posting :

comment, comment, comment!

you visit a blog and read the posts
then click the one you like the most
or read a post you like it not
it’s time to put down all your thought

a page for you, a page for me
a page for comments, for all to see
so watch your words, mind your manners,
be kind be polite, don’t be a whiner

you disagree, you disapprove
it’s good to share it’s a fine move
but if you don’t have good words to say
just keep it in well it’s okay

a perfect comment i’ll tell you now
support or suggest, or appreciate that’s how
short and fast, and to the point
evoke good thoughts and others will join

when you read a blogpost, a story
make an interesting observatory
train your brain to think of something
so your comments won’t be empty with nothing!

blogging is a networking tool
use it well, or you’re the fool
make your presence felt by all
leave a comment for one, for all

when your comment other bloggers see
they wonder who is he or she
if they like what they see, they click
on their blog they will put your link!

the comments page can be put to use
don’t forget don’t let it loose
from list of comments, ideas will come
expand it into a blogpost, then you add some

an old favorite blog is nice to go to
but do go and visit new blogs too
new ideas you will get, new friends you will make
reflect on new thoughts, stir, move and shake

say your piece, and join the shout
expose yourself and try to reach out
the blogosphere is for all to be
the comments space is for you for me

but something you must know it meant
not all blogpost attracts comments
next time you know what works what’s not
you can write stuff that others like a lot!

you frown, you rejoice, you sigh, you smile
when you see in ur blog, comments in a pile
to each comment you should respond
your exchange of words can go beyond!

you like the attention of yes you do
now it’s time to treat other blogs too
take the time to go and visit
after you read, leave a comment in it!

~by syigim

Monday, December 28, 2009

Kahfi, Khaleef, Thomas & Friends

yes, kahfi is one of the many, many million kids around the world who is charmed by the honest, down-to-earth and determined little train name thomas. and his friends.

for his first birthday, my wombat sisters gave him a thomas train set!

at first we let him take charge in opening his present. we tore up a little piece on the side, and let him try and tear the rest. kobek sana, kobek sini. finally he gave up and sat on the box!

well, well - who came to the rescue if not big bro khaleef! poor dude had been eye-ing the present ever since we came back from the mall! so khaleef ended up tearing the wrapping paper, while kahfi looked on, while occasionally made attempts to eat some pieces. eww, kahfi!

kahfi and his first birthday present - 'thomas & friends' train set!

...and then he saw him - thomas! he wasn't particularly excited - instead, he was more surprised, intrigued and curious while looking at the box. he kept pointing, making curious looks at the pictures to show he recognized the little train and his friends!

he was more intrigued and was rooted to the carpet, frozed up in amazement while watching me open the box to reveal thomas, james and percy! the first thing he did was put thomas in his mouth! aiyo!

he kept looking, and staring and admiring, and wondering. and he bite thomas again. hihi.

notice the final picture - kahfi already sitting in the middle of the train track!

finally, big bro khaleef took over to assemble the train tracks. his mak su and aunty da helped along the way - a little of this, a little of that. when the tracks are ready, even khaleef was super-excited to start playing. he obviously had a great time showing kahfi how to move the train on the tracks. at one point, even kahfi enjoyed the 'show' put up by big bro khaleef, sitting ever so quietly and attentively.

soon, the birthday boy grew tired of just watching the train moves. he was eye-ing thomas - like a giant waiting to grab a train to be devoured for his supper! at the end, the 'giant' ended up sitting in the middle of the train track - munching trains for his evening snack. nyum. nyum.


* * *

thanks to syida (aunty da) and azi (mak su) for this cute birthday present! something that both the brothers can enjoy! miss you both so much!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Get Kozi @ African Cafe, Dubai Mall

want to sip coffee while listening to intoxicating african chants, against the sound of waterfalls, amongst palm trees, and your feet resting on goat-skin carpet?

then head on to 'kozi' at the dubai mall, and cozy up at this african cafe!

my sisters and i came by cab from ibn battuta mall to meet with mr. khairul at the dubai mall after work, and we were still full from our lunch at ibn battuta, so we decided to just hang at this exotic cafe.

tree-like 'roof' at the center of kozi cafe

hihi - however, the waterfalls is actually man-made (the one with the bronze diving men statues), the palm trees and goat skin rugs are fake, and the african chants are just aired over the speaker. i mean, you don't see half-naked men with paints all over their body singing hakunan matata - live!

and yet, you can feel a certain african vibe as you enter the vicinity of the cafe.

it situated at the 2nd floor of dubai mall, set at the edge of a mall balcony that faces the waterfalls with the bronze diving men statues.

it's theme is obviously african - with dark brown leather chairs, animal-skin rugs, with bamboo partitions between the bar and the back seating area. to top it all (literally), a cool tree slash root-like thingy as its roof.

the chairs really invite patrons to literally 'sit back' and relax, not just because it's a comfy leather seat, but because of the nature of the design. it curves really low, so you either sit straight and not sandar, or you lie on your back, and might as well close your eyes!

it's a chair made for lying down for a siesta!

the fake palm trees in huge pots, and the man-made waterfall

* * *

i'd say this is an exotic cafe because of its theme and decor, but food-wise it's not that african-ly unique. like any other cafes, it has the usual hot drinks, but offers its own brand of 'african' tea and coffees.

the rest of the food items in the menu ranges from your basic cafe sandwiches, to sweet muffins. nothing special or really african there. it would be interesting if they were to add some popular desserts from africa, or a savory snack that is african-made.

i guess they're just presenting the setting of africa, while we eat normal cafe foodstuff.

speaking of presenting african theme - the other stuff really caught my attention. especially the most quirky looking african statues made from wood, (in above picture) used to tell the table numbers. i thought nando's chicken was quirky enough - but this takes home the award!

it's so funny, and creepy and quirky at the same time!

there are a couple of 'african' stuffs around the cafes - more statues - a couple by the waterfalls even wore t-shirt with african symbols!

mr. khairul making his order

while 99% of staff at cafes around dubai are filipinos, it's really nice to have a couple of africans manning the african cafes. ade la rasa authentic sikit!

what did mr. khairul order for us?

he got me a cup of hot choc, and a vanilla coffee for himself. the wombats didn't want any hot drinks. mr. khairul also got us a blueberry muffin, and a huge choc chip one.

if you notice, the mugs and plates are really cute - because they're a little disporportionate, as if they were formed imperfectly on purpose. it felt like we're drinking from some rural hut deep in the african jungle!

like i said, food is not to shout about here, because one muffin is just like another. tasty, of course, but nothing really special. come for the ambiance and a little african experience in the middle of the dubai mall, and you'll get some.

khaleef loved the choc muffin though - he was asleep when we came, woke up, had one spoonful, slept back, woke up again, and finished the whole thing.

sigh, my little muffin monster!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Fancy Nasi Lemak While Blogging?

my fourth posting on mombloggersplanet! click on picture to read!

check it out - and show support to all the contributors!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Facebook Bday Wishes for Kahfi

thanks for all well-wishes! kahfi is gleefully thankful!

* * *

of course there's birthday wishes from maklong, aunty ma, aunty da and mak su!

* * *

...also from my sis-in-laws, kahfi's ateh!

* * *

...and kahfi's grand-aunts wancik & wanna...

* * *

...and my cousins...

THANKS EVERYONE! oh, and wishing my christian friends a joyful christmas and a hip hoppity new year! here in dubai there are some seriously awesome christmas tree decor! have a good one, people!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Kahfi's Rooftop Bday Bash

haha. the blog title sounds like a an mtv teen's birthday celebration!

..and it's actually the day my 2nd born turned ONE!

we plan to postpone the actual birthday party to a later date when mr. khairul's parents are here in dubai, so that we can couple that with a doa selamat and invite our dubai malaysian friends to join in, insyaAllah.

i already asked fellow blogger and dubai baker fida for a special cake, so there was no cake on kahfi's birthday... but the wombat aunties visiting didn't want the day to pass by without a lil bit of hoohaa -

so they collected whatever 'junk food' i have lying around, and off we went on the rooftop.

kahfi didn't know what was going on, and was just excited to get out of the house. abang khaleef, on the other hand, can't wait to get into the water. so we made him take few shots with the birthday bro before letting him off splashing!

haha. syida's idea! silly, simple and cute - kahfi's impromptu unofficial birthday cake!

...and looked like he was unsure at first as if saying, "you expect me to believe that THIS is my birthday cake?" - and like all grateful son who knows he's in good hands, has good health up to this first year, growing up alongside the best bro anyone could have - he put up a smile and just clapped in joy and thankfulness - at least ade la something yang rupa mcm kek, walaupun kek gulung susun-susun!

meanwhile, the wombat aunties took the chance to enjoy the view of the sunset from my rooftop, while i pointed out the sight of the clear, calm marina and the majestic palm jumeirah island with the atlantis hotel in view.

syidot & azot

thanks, auntie da and mak su for the wonderful birthday bash! it's a little celebration, but it's the thought that counts, and the company that matters most.

kahfi is born THIS cute

...also, because auntie da and mak su gave kahfi a thomas and friends' train set for his very first birthday!

million thanks from the birthday boy!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Happy Birthday, Kahfi : You're ONE!

it felt like only yesterday when i strolled ever so cooly across dubai hospital corridor towards the maternity ward around 10pm. the pain came very slowly, and gradually built up towards midnight, and heightened around 2am.

and half an hour later, he was out into this world, into the arms of the loving family Allah granted him with - bapak, mak and abang khaleef.

happy birthday, kahfi. it's been a year and congrats on making it this far!

kahfi : 1 day old

the nurse placed him on my chest. "sepetnya!"


"you look just like your brother." were my first thoughts. then mr. khairul took him, and sang the beautiful azan into his obliging ear. the first tender moments of kahfi with his parents.

read the graphic detail on his day of birth here. viewers discretion is advised!

* * *

kahfi : 3 months old

his smile is breath-taking. so sincere, true and timeless.

* * *

kahfi : 5 months old

he starts to pull himself up in a crawling position - well, much like a parachuting position - just look at him! this is a start of his crawling stage. and in mere weeks received his degree in crawling. good job, skipper!

read kahfi's term paper on pre-crawling guide here!

* * *

kahfi : 7 months old

at his naik buai ceremony in kampung lalang, mr. khairul's parents' place. yapping, babbling and basically making way too much noise. not to mention being way too cheeky. and always standing up, and clawing on to chairs!

here's the report on the kenduri naik buai.

* * *

kahfi : 10 months old

hard, white enamels suddenly invaded his gums in throngs! all of a sudden - 4 in a row downstairs, and a few more upstairs! it was quite a sight - and ouch to whoever gatal bubuh jari inside his mouth!

read about his teeth invasion here!

* * *

kahfi : a few days before his 1st birthday

mature, serious, no-nonsense? na-ah! he's as cheeky as ever, as mengada as his bro had never been before and as manja as heck!

...but mak, bapak and abang love you just as much!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, dear kahfi - and may your coming years bring a thousand more achievements!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Tomorrow Kahfi Turns ONE

how time flies!

tomorrow my 2nd born will turn ONE year old.
i've got a 'thomas & friends' mini-celebration in store.

check out these postings too!

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