Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Comment, Comment, Comment!

another posting from me for mombloggersplanet to end the year. altogether 5 postings have appeared on the awesome website so far, and i really thank little mama (founder of mombloggersplanet) for the opportunity to share my words and thoughts to the malaysian moms circle!

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comment, comment, comment!

you visit a blog and read the posts
then click the one you like the most
or read a post you like it not
it’s time to put down all your thought

a page for you, a page for me
a page for comments, for all to see
so watch your words, mind your manners,
be kind be polite, don’t be a whiner

you disagree, you disapprove
it’s good to share it’s a fine move
but if you don’t have good words to say
just keep it in well it’s okay

a perfect comment i’ll tell you now
support or suggest, or appreciate that’s how
short and fast, and to the point
evoke good thoughts and others will join

when you read a blogpost, a story
make an interesting observatory
train your brain to think of something
so your comments won’t be empty with nothing!

blogging is a networking tool
use it well, or you’re the fool
make your presence felt by all
leave a comment for one, for all

when your comment other bloggers see
they wonder who is he or she
if they like what they see, they click
on their blog they will put your link!

the comments page can be put to use
don’t forget don’t let it loose
from list of comments, ideas will come
expand it into a blogpost, then you add some

an old favorite blog is nice to go to
but do go and visit new blogs too
new ideas you will get, new friends you will make
reflect on new thoughts, stir, move and shake

say your piece, and join the shout
expose yourself and try to reach out
the blogosphere is for all to be
the comments space is for you for me

but something you must know it meant
not all blogpost attracts comments
next time you know what works what’s not
you can write stuff that others like a lot!

you frown, you rejoice, you sigh, you smile
when you see in ur blog, comments in a pile
to each comment you should respond
your exchange of words can go beyond!

you like the attention of yes you do
now it’s time to treat other blogs too
take the time to go and visit
after you read, leave a comment in it!

~by syigim


Fairus Basir from The Juggling Queen said...

ini komen saya, saya suke puisi awak ni. (*skemanye...!!) :)

Syigim said...

terima kasih puan fairus, saya amat menghargai komen tersebut. hihihihi..

neeza said...

hepi new year syigim.. keep on writing.. best :-)..

Syigim said...

thanks anneeza :)

check out these postings too!

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