Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Wombats Walkin The Walk

the rain has stopped, the sun was shining again and the birds were a-flying. what a great day to have a walk! what's more - it's a cool, breezy day!

'the walk' at dubai marina is a string of cafes, restaurants and boutiques opposite the beach, right underneath the jumeirah beach residences. it's just walking distance from my home so it's about time i took them there.

find out more about 'the walk' here.

we just had lunch (i made nasi minyak hihi) so we were just looking for nice sweeties. the only good ice-cream-- oh, gelato place i know in the place is 'the cone street' gelato so we went there to have some scoops. read about my review of the place here.

yum. khaleef picked a weird bubblegum flavor. and the last time we ate ice-cream, i think he chose the mint flavor. well, well. unlike me - he's adventurous when it comes to food!

khaleef thoroughly enjoyed his ice-cream, while kahfi was stucked in his stroller with his milk cracker.

the view from our makan place. the walk, the beach, the sea, and the atlantis, on the biggest man-made island in the world - the palm jumeirah. it's quite a sight!

we went up to the JBR (jumeirah beach residence) courtyard to walk around some more, and yes - take pictures! tons and tons of memories etched on our olympus.

to know more about JBR, read about kahfi's letter to my abah about his first visit to this JBR area here!

jumeirah beach residence - the pride of dubai marina. though sadly, banyak apartment yang kosong!

my sisters getting goofy, cozy and lovey dovey with their nephews. sigh. i'm gonna really hate the coming weekend after this one when they leave...

the walk also housed a host of stalls in its daily evening bazaar, selling all kinds of staff from the boring 'friendship band' (a ah ade orang jual benda ni kat situ!) to pasminas and unique items from their own countries.

kalau jual kain batik kat sini pun jalan ni!

* * *

it was just a simple outing, but the company was the best. we'd probably jog there tomorrow. probably. maybe. haha.


Eti Karim said...

Wow your sisters are so lucky. Seronok betol diorang! Don't think you'll be the only one upset when they leave soon :-( your kids incliuded!

Syigim said...

=) i hope they really enjoy their stay! yup, eti. my 4yr ol khaleef tu pagi2 dah jenguk bilik diorang.. :P diorang dah balik nanti siannn dia.. hihi

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