Saturday, April 11, 2009

Jalan-Jalan JBR With Kahfi

this is a letter from kahfi to his atuk.

dear atuk,

hi atuk. how was korea? did you get a tissue or stirrer for mak?

it's me kahfi.
today is sunday. bapak is working today.
but yesterday was saturday. bapak was not working yesterday.

so bapak, mak, abang and i went jalan-jalan at JBR.

what is JBR, you might ask. or you might not, but i will tell you, atuk. i know you know many things. but maybe i know this one.

JBR is Jumeirah Beach Residence. hah, now you know too, atuk!

JBR is a long stretch of apartments facing the beach. some also faces the marina, and our apartment. the apartments are at the top, while the cafes and restaurants are at the ground floor. this part is called 'the walk'. i'm sure mak has told you about 'the walk'.

JBRs are tall buildings and there are a lot of them! so there are many stores too! we went to a part of it which has some clothing stores, with brands i can't even pronounce. well, in my defense, i can't pronounce most words. ok, i can't pronounce any words except maybe 'goo'.

we also went to saks fifth avenue which is rachel's 'mothership' - rachel is the one in f.r.i.e.n.d.s lah atuk.

atuk, if you look at the pictures, that is how JBR looks like from the stores area. the apartment buildings surrounds the area and if you take the lift down, you will get to 'the walk'. so if you live in JBR, you can just go down and buy some new shoes!

i don't care much about the stores, atuk. i enjoyed the scenery because, let's face it, lying down all day in the stroller wouldn't get me much choice but to look at the sky. but i did see the fountains too. there is also a generous portion of grassy sections but abang was too tired to run around. he just sat in his stroller too.

but atuk, i will tell you what else i see. there are a lot of benches so atuk you don't have to worry if you got tired after a long walk along JBR. i know you might be tired as there tons of stores, cafes and makan places here! if you don't want to sit on the benches, we could go to krispy kreme to get some doughnuts. abang would love that.

he can eat 3 doughnuts in a row.

ok atuk, got to go. i hope this letter will make you want to come to dubai real quick because i haven't seen you since i came. when you come i will show you around more because this part where we went to is just a small part of JBR. JBR is a huge place lah atuk!

send my hugs and kisses to all my aunties, okay?

love always,
your 6th grandchild, kahfi


nekPP said...

sooo sweetttt...hug n kisses from nekPP Khafi! jgn jelesss yer makkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

Syigim said...


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