Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Little Indian Princess

once upon a time, in a faraway land, there lived an evil queen named Queen Mig Iggy the IV. Mig Iggy hated spicy food. she decapitated hundreds of her cooks for adding cili padi to her lauk. she hated spices too. she banned all mamak restaurant from her kingdom for not complying with the rules and regulations.

"what's all this curry?! i clearly state that roti canai can only be eaten with sugar! sugar, i say!" and "off with his head!" she was so cruel that she always smiles when passing sentences. she also ordered all chilli sauce to be confiscated from spinneys and lulu hypermart; leaving only tomato ketchup on the shelves.

the mexican eatery Chillis was also adviced to change its name to Tomatoes.

meanwhile, a pheasant boy name kahfi tried to tell the other kampung folks that the queen's actions were wrong, and the sanctity of cili padi should be saved! unfortunately the adults were too scared to do anything for fear of being sentenced under ISA, (the Internal Sambal Act).

kahfi vowed to do something about this grave situation. he refused to grow up in a world where nasi lemak is eaten with marinara sauce, rendang tastes sweet while sambal belacan is just a picture you see in a museum of ancient history!

kahfi then started his journey to find someone who can help him fight the evil queen Mig Iggy. he trudged across the land and arrived at a neigbouring kingdom called Popadom. the kingdom of Popadom was governed by a great and humble King Radha with his beautiful wife Queen Sreeja. the royal couple just had a pretty daughter, Princess Rajsree.

princess rajsree was a cute little indian princess who enjoyed evening walks by the river while collecting bunga kuntum. she also loved wearing earrings and anklets.

kahfi and princess rajsree instantly became good friends. kahfi told the princess all about the evil deeds of his queen. princess rajsree was very angry. the kingdom of Popadom was known as the kingdom of spices. the rakyat there all loved spicy food. as princess of Popadom, she must stop the queen's evil plan to banish all sambal and spices from this world!

princess rajsree's eyes twinkled. she believed that babies have a way to look at an adult with their dooey eye and the adult would immediately be under their spell.

"we have to join forces, kahfi! it is the only way! if my single stare can get me milk all the time, imagine what it would do if both of us do it!" the little indian princess said, in a thick indian accent.

"hey, yeah! mine too!" kahfi agreed.

"let's go then!"

so kahfi and rajsree went to the queen and demanded that she stopped all this tak-makan-pedas nonsense at once. the queen laughed like rosnah mat aris on prozac and ordered the guards to throw them into the dungeon where they would be forced to watch movies by razak mohaideen over and over and over again. that's worse than the gas chambers!

"now, kahfi! it's now or never!" said princess rajsree. the two determined kids stared at the queen with their super-adorable eyes until the evil queen turned mushy with their awesome cuteness.

"i......can't......look......away.....! awwwww......." with that the evil queen was vanquished.

she turned into a law-abiding citizen who would scold people who uses handphone while driving and cries when they don't use signal when turning at a junction. currently she can be seen blogging somewhere around dubai marina.

the kingdom was at peace, thanks to the little indian princess. the rakyat was so thankful that the pheasant boy kahfi was made king. King Kahfi's father, mr. khairul was made prime minister of Popadom. in history, he was named 'bapak kepedasan' for bringing up a boy who saved their kingdom from the sambal-hating queen.

they lived happily ever after.

the end.

* * *

disclaimer: i really tak tahan pedas but i can't imagine nasi lemak without sambal. i love roti canai with curry. i absolutely adore chillis. and i can't get enough of indian/mamak food. just to clear that up. *smile*

mr. khairul's staff radha had a child-naming ceremony at home for their second kid, and celebrated it with a vege makan-makan at one of the hotels in bur dubai. congrats for the newborn! rahul, take care of your baby sister, okay?

afterwards we went to central perk, mirdiff (kak linda, wanted to call you but it was already nearing 10pm kang ngamuk pulak kaco kak linda hihi). mr. khairul had a meeting with a doc based in abu dhabi. he's a malaysian, yet i am pleasantly shocked to see that his name card bears the eagle emblem...



Arin said...

alahai..nampak dah bujang sangat kahfi..wey, nanti blk malaya bulan 7 ..jgn lupe kita ronggeng bersama2 tau!!!

Syigim said...

kak arin! nanti balik msia nk amik nappy bag yg order dr si liyana...kita jumpa skali la masa tu ok... ;)

diyana anwar said...

lawak gile time bacer along jadi prime minister of kingdom papadom. plus bila tgk gmba along tu kan. ada gaya mcm pm papedom+bapak kepedasan..huhu

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