Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I Bake Brownies!

i enjoy baking. i don't bake a lot. but i enjoy it.

am i any good? i always try to be. i don't know how to bake a lot of stuff, nor do i flip through recipe books or the recipe sites to check out complicated cakes and pretty pastries to bake - i've only tried chocolate cake, cheese cake, choc chip cookies and muffins. oh, and a couple of kuih raya. the cakes turned out fine every time but muffins vary - i've baked really fluffy muffins. and i've baked really rock-hard muffins.

sometimes it's so good that abah would eat some eventhough he's not much of a cake-or-muffin-fan. that, to me, is a major compliment.

my trusted baking buddies : the mixer was what i ask for as a wedding present from just10, and i love the weighing thingy coz you can adjust the bottom part

when it's really bad, i remember only one person in this world would 'sacrifice' herself and take a bite into my badly baked muffin - my mak. kalau yang tak jadi pun mak will just take a bite and gave her comments coz she knew i love feedbacks - especially positive ones! but her trying it out was enough to make me feel that my effort paid off, even if it means having to throw away a huge portion of what i had just baked.

mr. khairul had no complaints thus far. he loved my cheese cake and i enjoy baking for him! coz you know, i bake with lurrvveee...ha ha!

ingredients for the cheese choc brownies

yesterday i tried baking brownies. i found the recipe inside a little recipe booklet given away with the purchase of philly cheese. i was really motivated to try coz i've already got half the items needed, and only a few more to get at spinneys. one thing about me is, unknown ingredients turn me off - when i look at a recipe, i will try it out only if it includes items that i've heard off, i know where to get and i know how it looks like.

khaleef helped. he wanted to do so much more, but he had already gotten flour all over the tikar mengkuang...


ok, it doesn't look as tempting as it should be. in fact it looks burnt. tak payah la gelak! it looks darker than i expect (salah budget daa..) and the lovely cheese swirls before wasn't visible. luckily only the top, right-hand side was a little burnt. it's actually quite smooth on the inside.

and if you ask me, it tastes choclatey enough! well, i served it hot, and i topped it off with a scoop of chocolate ice-cream. and i waited for my biggest critic to take a bite.

verdict : yummy sounds! no words. just umm and yumm and hmm with every bite till the only thing left on the plate was traces of melted ice-cream.


you make me feel like on top of a big muffin mountain with choc chip trees and big cherry mound on top behind fluffy whipped cream clouds. love you!


Mohd Abdillah said...

dulu kat melb taknak pulak buat.

Syigim said...

dollah, kat melbourne malu-malu kangaroo.. ok lame joke! :P

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