Thursday, April 16, 2009

Ouchy Ouch

sian khaleef!

i was arranging the periuk in the kitchen when khaleef broke a glass. i took some newspaper, swept the area, mopped and double-checked for any escaped shards of glass. and yet khaleef stepped on one.

it was horrible!

here's how it happened: he stepped on something. then i saw his face changed, yet there weren't any tears. i suspected he stepped on kaca but how come he's goin out of the kitchen instead of mengadu to me? he tip-toed to the front hall and i saw little droplets of blood. man, i was the one who panicked!

can you see his funny funky snake plaster?

khaleef was cool as ever. his face was contorted in pain, but he didn't cry at all. i think he was just worried. and rasa pedih. i sat him down and checked the cut. it was a small one, but quite deep. that explains the blood. the only thing he said when he saw the blood was -


while i applied dettol antiseptic cream, he was still looking at the bloody tissue paper while saying "owwmyydodd... daaarahhhh..." then i put the snake plaster and he was already chatting away about snakes. he's fine!

i called the bapak and mengadu - mr. khairul said, "hindustan betul khaleef ni."

he didn't cry so there's no need to pujuk - but to make my khaleef feel better i gave him ice-cream. and eventhough he is usually never allowed a second helping, (he always, always ask, with the nicest 'please' just in case he can get another bowl, but he never does get - yes, i can be cruel) this time i gave in.

he got his second bowl of ice-cream. enjoyed it while admiring his funny 'snake' plaster.

brothers hangin out

at the time of writing he's hanging out with kahfi watching peter pan after a hot shower. kahfi is getting ready for his bath time. khaleef checks out his 'wound'. he turns to me and said, confidently:

"mak..........don't worry. sakit don't worry."

my heart skips a beat. he's telling me not to worry. good boy, khaleef. good boy.


Arin said...

pheewwitt kahfi..calon menantu nih..

NRA said...

awww...thats my brave boy!!!

i can imagine his curvy lips saying cute..feels like cuddling him right nw..u do that for me k

fwom aunty ya

mrszyi said...

macho lah khaleef ni.. hehe nway i can't relate y kay said hindustan? :)

altho i rarely leave comments in ur blog ni kan, but i always enjoy reading it..

doa2kan la kot ade rezeki cop, boleh la buat2 jadi sahm aka wife expat kat tpt org gak! HAHAHA..

Syigim said...

kak arin nk jodohkan sape nih...khaleef ngan anum ke...kahfi ngan zara? :P


heyyy dont wanna cuddle me ke, miss NRA? :P


thanks a lot mrs. cop...u dont know how much that means to me! :) kay ckp khaleef hindustan tu maknanya byk drama la si khaleef tu..hihi

insyaAllah...u nk posting mana kalo bole? jom dubai la!! tambah lagi budak koleq 96 sini :)

sofia said...

i know that my little khaleefoon is brave

sofia said...

pah is really worried about the kaca

Yong said...

baru 4 hari tak tengok blog kamu dah macam2 cerita...khaleef luka n kahfi demam...good to know that both are healthy as ever...cant wait to see them in july! :))

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