Saturday, April 4, 2009

Borak Sama Abah Lagi

abah is going to korea tomorrow with umi. as part of his round-the-world trip. haha. (joke adik-beradik) he'll fly vietnam airline since it's cheaper. so go check out vietname airline if you wanna see korea. had a chat with the big guy yesterday...

abah (with his backpack - ever the prepared traveller) and grandkid khaleef on the boat-buffet-ride across dubai creek
Abah: sunday abah pegi seoul frm ipoh to klia
migiys: how long will u be in korea
Abah: sunday to sunday, 7 days
Abah: stop over 1 nite in saigon. abah dah pegi saigon dulu. mainly shopping
migiys: ooooo
Abah: seoul lots to see
Abah: sakura blooming now
Abah: also theme parks
Abah: and mbc studio winter sonata
Abah: famous love series
migiys: yup, didn't see it
migiys: but syima, azi suka la citer tu
Abah: they preserve the parks, the houses

abah said he was hoping to catch some of the cast members or when they shoot a scene. and take pictures with them. abah? hihi.

Abah: now still cold 7 c, spring, seoul is still cold despite spring
Abah: also everland macam disneyland juga, as big
migiys: korea ade everland? i'll google
Abah: ye
Abah: like disney
Abah: half day may b try the rides
migiys: ooooo
Abah: given 5 free tickets
migiys: abah got 5 free tickets?
migiys: entry?
migiys: ke for rides?
Umi and Abah: inclusive of tour cost
migiys: ooooo

bla bla bla. yada yada yada.
sembang anak and abah. macam-macam lagi.

i really miss travelling with him. with my sisters. the trip to dubai in '05 was quite funny as it was only abah and 4 girls - and what a luck - he had to accompany his girls to buy kain of all things - so off we went from one shop to another checking out kain while abah sat and watched, only to be sought out when it came to payment...which we really really appreciate!

i'm really lucky to have abah who doesn't mind spending for our travels, letting his daughters tengok negeri orang and see the world. as corny as this may sound, the memory and experience are testimony of our trips. period.

(ok. and some fridge magnets!)

so nice to hear him going where the wind takes him. living his life full. embracing the world yet always remembering the hereafter.

wishing abah bon voyage and as usual, i just need tissues and stirrers from korea, ok!

something in korean language, for you to polish up on before going...

  • 오모! - (omo!) this one has no particular meaning...more like a word you utter when you are surprised. maybe it's like 'fuyyo' or 'wah'!
  • 안녕하세요 - (annyong haseyo) hello
  • 안녕히 가세요 - (annyong kasayo) goodbye
  • 감사합니다. - (kamsahamnida) thank you
  • 맛있어요 - (mashi soryo) delicious
have fun and take care!

* * *

speaking of travels and journeys, i'm waiting for love to return home from qatar and bahrain...


Ariffin said...

selalu jugak ye encik Khai te love of Syigim tu jalan2...
tapi, sudah pasti dia sentiasa merindui anak2 dan isteri...betol kan??

Anonymous said...

yes. and yes i miss 'em.


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