Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Who Do i Look Like?

my just10 buddy anneeza put up a posting comparing her and her little daughter, zahra. it's so cute that i asked yong to send an old photograph of my baby years - and this is the best she could come up with! the rest of my baby picts are at abah's house. tunggu july lah!

super cute me and yong

this super-cute picture (with me in it, of course la cute!) was taken as we're chilling out at opah's house in kampung bahagia, teluk intan. (ade orang teluk intan sini?) we go back to abah's kampung every raya. kalau belah mak, it would be tokcik's house in taiping.

this is the tangga batu tempat main bunga api malam raya...

so, who do i look like?

ini kahfi

testimonies from my aunties, uncle and sisters on facebook:

"ha ah..memang ada rupa kamu lah...nanti kami cari gamba kat rumah abah..."
~ yong

"..macam Syigim masa kecik :) uncle rosli masih ingat lagi masa rumah kat Taman Tun... :)"
~ uncle rosli

"mmgla kahfi looks like gim, hanya org yg biasa tgk gim msa kecik je yg tau esp gmbr ni... :), msti auntie na pun setuju..."
~ cik

"..memang setuju, Kahfi exactly macam syigim masa baby......"
~ auntie na

"..wah mcm Yang la jugak. Yang kan mata sepet masa gmbar dpn rumah lama kita dlu. cube Yang scan letak kat sini. same lah!"
~ azi

ha ha.

however mr. khairul said khaleef looks like me because his eyes are bigger. and kahfi looks like him with the sepet eyes.

hmm. maybe it's the other way around. i think i got a better baby picture tucked somewhere where i look exactly like kahfi! you'll see!

* * *

on a totally different topic, the wind is awesome today - i can practically smell the salty sea breeze coming from the open window of my front hall...


w@Ni said...

kahfi cam uper makcik niraku, mata sepet :P

Arin said...

angin laut tak panas ke syigim?kak arin kat melaka..and my house was like 20 tapak ke beach ( which now dah half di tambak..dol tol kerajaan melaka ) ..angin laut amat panassss!

jo said...

Why duduk terkangkang??

Syigim said...

w@ni, merepek!

kak arin, angin dia xsejuk, xpanas...tapi mmg terasa ke'masin'annye.. :)

jo! what do you expect? a ladylike me @ 3yrs old? me? :P

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