Thursday, April 2, 2009

Facebook Graffiti

do you facebook?

syida stumbled upon a new facebook application - 'graffiti' and now i am very addicted to it coz i love to draw. and i love to color. i can't do a whole shebang of acrylic art or spin a piccaso but i just enjoy doing simple drawings. did i ever mention that?

the wow factor of this application is once you're done, you could click 'replay' magic happens. moving lines and dancing colours...

syida calls it my 'silly graffiti madness'. i call it arty farty passion. ha ha. potayto potahto. see what i drew for her here. i got carried away and drew a ben10 for yong's boys and a princess for syima's cuya. for azi, i drew a 'paul frank' that looks more like a creepy mickey mouse.

i want to draw more!

if you go to the main page for this graffiti application, you can see tons of masterpieces made by other facebook peeps - and they're seriously talented. i was turning sick sick sick with envy. it almost drove me mad tryin to figure out how they did those unbelievable drawings!

and of course i drew for him! here's what i draw for my mr. khairul. click 'play' and enjoy! simple but it's from the heart (cewah. cover baek! *smile*)


wawajoe said...

cool giler. i can only draw a lidi man...hahahaha

Syigim said...

thanks kak wawa...r u on facebook? add me la ;)

check out these postings too!

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