Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Bits and Snips II

let me tell you bout my sis, my gal pal and my boys. and who we thought was david beckham...

* * *

azi dan member baik dia

my youngest sister azi, a future upm graduate started her industrial training yesterday. she's still our baby sister and it's funny to imagine her behind a desk doing some serious office work! i just hope she doesn't disrupt the office routine with her loud, infectious laughter...

have passion in what you do, enjoy it, get as much as you can out of it and above all - take it easy! oh, and don't skip breakfast...

* * *

we were in the car. it was our usual route back home. then mr. khairul asked, "is that david beckham?" oh, ok more like "eh, david beckham! david beckham! david beckham!" try saying that three times as fast.

ever the loving supporting wife, i quickly took a shot but the car zoomed pass us so fast that we can't really be sure if it were indeed the beckhams.

upon closer 'inspection' - "eh, bukan lah. bukan."

"bestnye kalau iye."

ha ha.

people who knows me well, would know i love meeting famous people. (mr. khairul would just have to live with that. hihi.) the most awesome celebrity encounter i've ever had was of course, the adorable anuar zain. he's super charming and super nice. afdlin shauki and harith iskander come a close second. the worst was (i don't wanna name names) this handsome, strapping dato' who had acted alongside p. ramlee before. super-smug. hmmph.

* * *

chubby, pregnant me & put at my farewell to dubai @ klia

this is my lawyer. and also loyar buruk gal pal. ok, bad joke but this is my blog so sukatilah.

happy birthday to my appointed lawyer (should i be tried for strangling the next person who says kahfi looks more like dad.) happy birthday, put! you don't look A DAY older.

maybe 365 days older. ha ha. gelak lah!

in school, only three malays took up literature in english - myself, put and another close friend of ours, irda. so when you do come over to dubai, i would definitely, definitely take you to makan-makan at 'shakespeare & co'...

* * *


kahfi's sleeping habits are beginning to resemble big bro.

khaleef when he was kahfi's age, had an odd fascination with my palm. fingers. hand. it was easy to pacify or put him to sleep - just wave my hand above his face or wiggle my fingers to and fro - and he'd be hooked. in awe. fascinated.

growing up, he sleeps better holding someone's hand. even at the nursery, the girls said they do not need to buai-buai or tepuk-tepuk - just extend a hand. let him give a good, tight squeeze and he'll fall asleep.

now kahfi wants to hold my finger! and then he'll fall asleep so easily like a...like a...well. like a baby...

sleep tight,
my handsome knights,
don't let the bedbugs bite...


mama danial said...

best kan tengok anak tido?
that's the only time you can really stare at them without them asking, "Apehal?"....
kejap jer depa ni nanti membesar..than, how we wish that they r still babies...

Arin said...

kahfi sudah besaaaarrrrr...nampak matured sgt muka dia!

domestic engineer said...

Adoring Anuar Zain huh? Where's that pic u with him..?? :)

Syigim said...

mama danial - hahaha..khaleef pun akan tanya "whaaaat?" ;)

kak arin - biase la xsaba nk jumpo zara.. :P

kak ziela - picts wif anuar zain suma kat ipoh... :( hihi..

Silent Scribbler said...

Weh, bukan ko dgn Wani selalu jumpa artis ke. Aku selalu keluar dgn Wani tak pernah terserempak pun dgn Anuar Zain. Hampeh. :-P BTW, who was the good, strapping datuk? Any clues? He he he he.

Syigim said...

a ah aisha aku rasa aku ngan wani da jumpa anuar zain 3x rasenye. once wani even get to go on stage n 'abang nuar' sang to her..hihi.. sigh..those were the days..

dato' J.S. i'm sure u can figure it out.. ;)

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