Saturday, April 25, 2009

Tidbits III

here, there and all around...

* * *

abah and umi are back from korea. lepas ni gi mane pulak? they bought matching t-shirts for cucu-cucu podin; haiqal, haqeem, khaleef, sufya, husna and kahfi.

this july they can all wear the t's at the same time...

* * *

@ shina's wedding : my cousin amin with his lil sister naya, me and his mom, my auntyna

my cousin amin is a year away from leaving his teen years. he is 19 today! my advice is get up, get going and get rockin'! happy birthday, bro!

oh, this july i'm coming back so can you make those apam kelapa that i like so much?

* * *

had a skype session with my ex-officemates and my cool boss a.k.a the lady in the aquarium. i miss them so much! read about the coolest office in my world here.

yapped about mohana's soon-to-get notebook, getting envious of jo goin on her usual 'movie date' with hubby henry, dora updating me on the kids and a cameron highland holiday with the girls, and sharing with jennifer my experience as a parent looking at schools for khaleef.

mohana is getting a notebook! yay! everybody's got one now! when she skype from home i can borak with her beau ramesh yang macam hero filem tamil tu. and i can't wait to introduce kahfi to the kids! (what about khaleef? hmmph! they see khaleef all the time already!) read about the kids' most endearing gesture here.

haida said we're leaving her out but i'll say you're the busy bee, missy! clear your tight schedule this july, haida coz we're hanging out at the office eating ikan keli...

* * *

found this vending machine at ibn batutta mall on our usual jalan-jalan recently. 'rent movies and games here' it said. that was the first time i had seen such a vending machine. drinks yeah, tissues a-ha, prepaid yup - even condoms i've heard off - but not dvds and xbox games!

this is pretty cool.

however, just so you know - i don't really trust vending machines. but that's just me.

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