Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Joys in a Job

are you one of those people who hates your job?
do you wonder why you are doing this mundane work day in day out that gives no satisfaction and joy?
do you hate mondays just because it's back to work?

get out while you can! the perfect job for you is out there.
i found mine.

in my last job, i look forward to work - every single day. i simply love my job. i have to read books in my job. stories. articles. i can wear my spongebob squarepants t with my levi's to work. i listened to the darnest things kids say everyday. i love it. i'm not kidding. i wake up, and i can't wait to start working. heck, the final weeks before leaving to dubai, i had already resigned - but where did i go? - back to work. just for kicks.

no kidding.

currently, i'm a full time housewife. homemaker. stay-home mom. orang rumah. suri rumah. permaisuri dapur. call it whatever you want. i mean, i'm not complaining - i'm enjoying my l-o-n-g holiday, being able to watch my sons grow without maids or having to drop them off to a nursery, try out new recipes and catch up on my reading and writing.

however, i miss my job. i really, really do. i've lectured before doing my masters, did some magazine editing and reporting after that - but none compared to the last job i had, the one i had to leave to go to dubai. when i received news from a very very exuberant mr. khairul about going to dubai, of all the things i really hate leaving (apart from my family of course) is this job, and the people who colored my life there.

i love what i do. what i did. running classes, brainstorming for weekly themes, preparing lesson plans, drawing out mind-maps for the week's theme - and did i mention the classes i handled comprise of kids as young as 5, with the eldest group being around 13? the fun i had for the past years i was there was more than words can say. so as the experience gathered and the lessons learned.

having a great team behind it all really helps. mohana, dora, jo, jennifer and haida - we're a great bunch. let me just say that even mr. khairul envied the dynamics of our team. he admired the fact that we were able to become so close in understanding each other, respecting one another and everyone just - can masuk-masuk la. we just - belong.

  • mohana the gossip girl - keeps the team together. she's the youngest yet age is not a factor to this spunky don't-mess-with-me girl. her determination to reach for her dreams is an inspiration to us all
  • jo teaches me that laughter is the best medicine - i miss teasing her! i remember she joined us as someone with more experience in this job - yet her humility humbles me
  • jennifer is the definition of 'silence is golden' - if 2 words will do, don't give 5! i will always remember her as my *senior* - the one who teaches me all the ropes in the nicest way
  • haida's character screams out "live life and seize the day!" even in her cool composure - we're both adventurous - in very different way! i miss our heart-to-heart talks
  • dora seemed gullible and naive - but i think she's stronger than she looks. firm in her views and i admire her zest to do anything to uphold what she believe is right - "..maybeeeee.."

oh, and how i miss our makan-makan. missing so many visits to mcd, kfc and domino's. remembering tons of lepak session at the mamak in the morning, chatting over roti canai and iced milo. or banana leaf rice for lunch while borak-borak with the ane from india. reminiscing the 'classy' luncheons we had at italian restaurants and indon makan place.

and my ikan keli! how i miss my must-have ikan keli! walking with dora and jo to the malay restaurant and dropping by at 7-11 for a slurpee. it was the best. on a malas day, just ask mohana or jennifer to tapau mushroom fried rice from the thai restaurant next door. on a lagi malas day, just cook maggi mee ramai-ramai!

the best days were those when mohana would bring her home-cooked nasi lemak, or when dora made her highly-acclaimed kangkung belacan, or when i baked my cheese cake. when someone buys breakfast, there's almost always extras for everyone. (man, i miss the nasi lemak near giant!)

mr khairul said, our office has a homely feel. he can come after work to pick me up and be welcomed as one of the gang. heck, he can even casually stroll into the boss' lair and have a chat while waiting for me. the office is like a home. well all of us almost always tapau and eat in the office, sprawling all over the carpet around the - using our own container, mind you. we go green and shun the use of polystyrene to pack food. read my article to the star newspaper here.

i think i left my tupperwares in the office, right girls?

man, even taking the tupperware during lunch was a hoot - the noise we make as we take orders. the noise we make while deciding whether to eat kfc or mcd. the noise i make when i don't get mcd. the noise!

the crazy bunch

the holidays and birthdays were a lot of hoopla too. i'm sure like many working place, birthdays are celebrated and it's no different here. the best memories were dressing up with a theme - it was saris and punjabi suits for deepavali and all red for chinese new year. we did this many, many times - color coordinate our tops, or plan to wear the same blue jeans or an all-skirt day. there was one saturday where we had a 'beach day' where the rest wore little tight tops with beach sarongs. haha. *beach* day indeed.

and who could forget the buka puasa dos that we had? we brought the bazaar ramadhan right there on the table with all the satay, nasi tomato, ayam percik, air bandung, cempedak goreng and lots more! i remember going to bazaar ramadhan with the girls on a super scorching afternoon, armed with a list of yummies to buy. i remember jo, jennifer, mohana and dora also fasted on that day just to get the feel of it, and when berbuka puasa time came, it was more anticipating and meaningful.

haida was not in the picture - she was taking the shot using one of those awesome big big camera

this is one of the many crazy poses i have of us over the years. i love this particular one as it speaks volume of our relationship as great friends and our cooperation and commitment as a working team.

it was not a long time but it was the best of my working experience. coming back from dubai one fine day, i do hope i could rejoin the team and continue to do what i like most - the pursuit of education through educating and mentoring young minds.

i leave my final words of this piece to my boss - the one who puts this team together and mould us into the awesome team that we are. for making the office very homely where we are able to stretch our legs on the carpet while brainstorming an idea. we can laugh together like mad, yet go straight to a level of seriousness when needed. for the breakthrough ideas that inspires. for the interesting writing assignments. for the trust to handle the holiday programs. for the encouragements, criticism and praises. for being a good listener. i thank you, ms. e.

here's something silly i found in the net...just for my gal pals at work :

ha ha. missing you guys so much here. love always!


liyana azmi said...

i love my job too! i can stitch and design all day...got fab crews to complete my job and 2 incredible partners! yeay!

jo said...

Hey,love all the descriptions on the 'happenings' with the whole team. Walked me down memory lane again...The 'missing you' words are not enough to describe how we felt about you and Haida. Looking forward to the days when we meet again, for the perfect pictures and for the crazy moments. :)

p/s: Mohana: What gossip girl???!!

Syigim said...

yana - sonok dgr psl org yg love their job. we spent most time at our job, should b happy doin it kan?

jo - i miss you guys!!! more than words. be back by july ok, so see u guys soon!

mohana - what? bukan ke? hahahahaaa..

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