Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Football, What Football?

yesterday mr. khairul took his sister teh to a football match. seems it's not just ANY football match. it's AC Milan vs Hamburg FC - what mr. khairul claimed, brings together some of the best football players in the world from one of the greatest football clubs in the world.

yeah, ok. whatever.

i don't care much about football. heck, i don't care much about ANY sport. unless it's a special occasion like the olympics or thomas cup or involving a really really cute jock in tight swim trunks. ok. i leave that to the imagination.

mr. khairul took teh to 'The Sevens' stadium where AC Milan had a friendly game against Hamburg. according to report by teh, it was freezing in the stadium and the cool wind didn't help. ok i don't know nuts about football but i do know that david-mr. posh spice-beckham and ronaldhino ("yang gigi tu ye, honey?") are on the team. not bad la tu!

when ronaldhino scored a goal & did a lil dance

in school we had to pick at least 2 extra-curricular activities - the persatuan (i signed up for, naturally, persatuan bahasa melayu and persatuan bahasa inggeris) AND a sport club. i hate choosing the sports club. there was chess club under sports but i didn't know how to play chess back then. i finally signed up for netball because there were A LOT of people signing up and me not playing won't make much of a difference.

however, being married to an MCKK jock (ex-jock - from the looks of mr khairul's ever expanding tummy) who constantly brags about his zaman kegemilangan sukan, i can't help being dragged away to some sports activities - one of it - golf.

gasp! syigim plays golf?
that is, if you agree to my definition of ‘playing golf’. to me, it is standing on what looks like the rubber mat under your feet when you drive, positioning yourself to a considerable stance, stuck out your butt while placing a golf club neatly on a fake grass box approximately few microinches from a golf ball.

look straight at the ball,
flex your arms,
start hitting the damn ball.
and watch where it goes.

hitting golf balls at the driving range near OU

i think golf is THE most boring game ever! you hit you walk you hit you walk. but playing it (again, refer to my definition of ‘playing golf’) is something else altogether. try it.

during my first few trys i ended up hitting the ball to just few meters away and it went skewing flat instead of looping up. but lemme tell you, that feeling, that wonderful feeling of total satisfaction is yours when you see the ball finally go up, up and away…

additional sound when you hit the ball is a bonus.

back in msia, before we had khaleef, our after-work activities involved either raiding my aunts’ places for home-cooked dinner, swimming, watching movies at tgv, apple-shopping at giant, accompany him to his aikido class, shooting range and then golf.

from the looks of it, khaleef has shown great interest in football as early as when he could walk and run. siap ade gaya. well, actually when it comes to khaleef, he has shown interest in any sort of sports - swimming, golf, tennis, bowling, sprint, shooting AND football. and i'm sure when kahfi is old enough, he too would share the interest of his abang.

now which of anak mak ni nak join theater? debate? anyone? yoo hoo...


Arin said...

psstt..cuba ajak kahfi bila dia dah besar ikut syigim gie theater ke .. :)

Anonymous said...

kak syigim, nanti kalau khaleef n kahfi are into that such of things sgt, eg. thaters, bahaya and risau plak.. hee~

kasi can je kat along dlu, nanti ade newcomer girl esok kak syigim pegang die ckup2.. hehe ;)


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