Monday, January 19, 2009

Bowling : Khaleef's Style

hello, folks!

my name is khaleef khairul and today i'm going to demonstrate a game we all know as bowling - but i call it roll-ball-to-alex-marty-melman-gloria-and-skipper.


first, line them up in a reckless, haphazard manner. much like when they discovered they they are actually in madagascar and the animals are don't-wipe-their-butts type of wild. a tip - put skipper, moto moto and gloria right in front because they fall off easily.

yeah, i cheat. so?

next up, position yourself a few meters away from the madagascar characters. oh, don't forget the ball. count to three, or five - whichever you like - and then roll the ball. oh, aim first.

ok, this is intentional - but in this particular demo, notice that i have only managed to hit skipper and gloria (see, toldya they easily fall down) while others were unperturbed by my ball, still standing. in my usual try i can bowl off all of them in well, 6-7 tries.

(well, you try it and see if you're any better!)

this is me sitting on my ball as an act of frustration when melman and marty are still standing despite constant try-outs to hit them down.

ok you try it now, and leave me in my misery.


i'll think of another fun game using my mom's tissue collection... ;-)

1 comment:

arin said...

anum panggil kengkawan madagascar = ah idea mana dia dapat nama tuh..

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