Thursday, January 8, 2009

Moving Day

first up - happy birthday to another just10 friend of mine - fazlein who joins wani in the big three-oh club. niraku, the clock is ticking!

what is just10, you might ask. well, i'll - what do you mean you don't care? heck, i'll save that for another posting and you people better read it!

nways, today also marks a special day in my laid-back life in dubai - it's moving day! today is the day we move for good from our humble abode in bur dubai to the urban lifestyle of dubai marina.

things to do around the house:
  • unpack
  • everything in their place and a place for everything
  • set up nest for kahfi
  • get more carpet - since i have more space - yay!
  • get more picture frames - i want walls full of different sizes frames - ala shakespeare & co
  • get more color co-ordinated items and decor stuff - purple for the hall, red for khaleef's room and cream + brown + black for mine and mr. khairul's
  • get blinds for the kitchen
  • get more useless but irresistably adorable kitchen stuff from ikea
  • get ANYTHING from ikea (i'm a sucker for ikea)
  • get one of those standing lamps
any bright ideas?

1 comment:

Fauziah said...

heya...all the's always fun to move...

take it easy...

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