Tuesday, January 27, 2009

3rd Largest Mosque in The World

do you know which is the 3rd biggest mosque in the world?

with mr. khairul's mom in front of the Grand Mosque, abu dhabi

let's to abu dhabitoday would be the final day to jalan-jalan with my mom-in-law and teh. they will fly back to malaysia tomorrow. mr. khairul suggested a big bang, climatic end to his mom's cuti-cuti dubai by going to Abu Dhabi, one of the 7 emirates, and the capital of UAE. abu dhabi is right next to dubai - just like a drive from kl to tapah, perak. dah datang dubai, rugi lah tak pergi!

me outside the mosque. note the first pict - the makam diraja - no cameras are allowed near that enclosed area

big mosquewhat better way to remember a trip to abu dhabi than visiting the Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al-Nahyan Grand Mosque, the 3rd biggest mosque in the world. mr. khairul really wanted to bring abah to this mosque when he was here but it had been a tiring week and abah just wanted to hang back and relax without traveling too far, too long. maybe on your next visit, ye abah?

mr. khairul called it the white mosque. made entirely out of white marble, i guess it is pretty fitting. looking so majestic from far away, made more resplendant with the setting sun. the dim sunlight, reflecting upon the white marble gave it an ilusion of being built on white clouds. however, driving closer, you might be disappointed by the unfinished landscape - and a lot of other parts of the exterior still under construction.

it is newly opened during ramadhan 2007. obviously it is named after the founder and the first president of the UAE, who is also buried there in a specially built marble makam diraja. Quranic recital can be heard emanating throughout the royal mausoleum.

right outside the prayer halls - notice the floral marble design beneath my feet?

it is illegal for non-muslims to enter mosques in the UAE, but here they are able to enter with proper clothing and headgear which can be provided at the entrance of the prayer halls. this leniency is given in order to promote cultural and religious understanding. it is also an architectural marvel that should be shared irrespective of religion.

see the one of the minarets and the floral-marble-paved courtyard

a vast courtyard awaits once inside. surrounded by the prayer halls, 4 very tall minarets on the 4 courners of the mosque and bulbs of domes - 57 domes of 7 different sizes to be exact, covering the outside yard and the main building. standing at the courtyard, i can really see the domes popping out on top of the majestic mosque, like cendawan lepas hujan!

colored floral marble and mosaics paved the courtyard of the mosque - simply wonderful! the pillars stretching across the mosque also has the floral marble design.

world record
the mosque also has
  • the largest carpet
  • the biggest chandelier
  • the largest dome of its kind in the world

it does remind of the taj mahal - but it also has its own pure charm with its white shiny marble and the immensity of its size. visiting this beautiful mosque also got me thinking of my state's beloved mosque, Ubudiah Mosque in kuala kangsar which is a quaint mosque with interesting belang-belang design on the minaret. also, feeling guilty for not having visited the Crystal Mosque in terengganu.

we may not have the biggest mosque in the world, but they are equally unique and amazing in its design.

oh, and guess what we saw at one of the roundabouts in abu dhabi?


neeza said...

syigim, nmpk penat je dukong kahfi tu.. u should wear ur baby.. its 'in thing' tau sekarang ni - like brat pit n angie jolie.. hehehehe

Syigim said...

nak satu!!!! mmg nak pun! anneeza ko kasi la present for baby...hohoho

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