Saturday, January 17, 2009

Migiys Won the War

wrote this piece when i was in form 4 - the honeymoon year - too much time, too much fun, too much imagination! i revamped the story and handed it in as one of the weekly assignments in prose 101 during my matriculation year.

the clouds of methane began to spread beyond the open space to reveal the planets' bright green moons, oonka and boonka. worms with eight wings and udders flew gracefully over, casting a shadow on the gasoline lake. mountains stood high above others, spitting fireballs, which explodes into fireworks when they hit the lake. down under, the ground shakes. the pale purple sky hangs dimly above the assembling grounds of planet Migiys.

truly a wondrous sight!

a deafening silence seemed to be pressing on each of the Migiys when Lord of the Migiys stepped into the open space to join the pack. even the RTM crew (Radio Television Migiys) was there to do a coverage on this historic event. the Migiys had been assembling since the announcement of a new mission : to conquer the universe. only one question was in their antennaes - who would be assigned on this most dangerous journey for their civilization?

a few years before, the Migiys sent the maiden mission to conquer the universe but they never returned. another mission was launched soon after and this time they returned, only to be zapped by a laser beam and annihilated forever as a result of their sheer stupidity - for they had conquered No-Ta-Thing, a planet which has completely - nothing.

these failed missions never reached the antennas of the public. it remained for many a years a myth or camp-site stories told by elders to amuse the young. it is Migiys' government policy to deny everything. if word gets out of the failed missions, it would mean a universal embarassment to Lord of the Migiys in particular which in turn would mean abdication of the throne and having to sell apam balik for the rest of his life.

a commotion rose among the Migiys, which died down when 12 selected Migiys in their spacesuits joined the Lord of the Migiys. the young astronouts would head towards the third rock from the sun.

"our biologists have discovered that earthlings are esily prone to our freako-wacko techy weapons according to the molecular structure of their body. with this assurance, i believe we would be accomplishing something valuable from the green planet. my fellow subjects, behold! the universe will be ours!"

cheers soared. hands, gills and tentacles clapped thunderously with approval. tales of failed missions or secret government conspiracies were far from their minds. the astronouts catwalked to the spaceship and waved goodbye.



ninety billion light years later, on planet Earth, Asia, Malaysia, Perak, Ipoh. the camera spans towards a certain playground.

a little girl was running to a swing, laughing. then she stopped. she felt a tingling sensation inside her nostrils.
she sneezed.
and sneezed again. and again. she did not feel too good.

the virus has entered. the Migiys won the war.
mission accomplished.

* * *

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