Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Self-Confessed X-Filed Maniac


so far i've shared with you THREE of my precious collections; my tissues (the one you use to wipe, not the one in your body) my postcards and my theater tickets and booklets.

presenting the fourth installment of syigim's collection:

The X-Files!

the x-files is one of my all-time fav tv show. the other two are f.r.i.e.n.d.s and whose line is it anyway. i am an absolute freak when it comes to the x-files. you know the feeling when a new design on watches or handbag is out on sale and you just HAVE to have it - that is how i feel when i spot a new x-files episode guide book or an x-files merchandise on the new arrival shelf.

agents mulder and scully; then and now

to the clueless (man, where have you been? witness protection?) the x-files is a real cool show about an FBI agent's quest to find his sister, he believed to have been abducted by aliens. his name is (wait for it) Fox Mulder (scream now!). in the course of this pursuit, he came across tons of unsolved cases of supernatural and out-of-this-world nature - cases filed under 'X'. in the pilot episode he was assigned a partner, Dana Scully (que scream!) who was supposed to 'debunk' his x-files work.

in short, he's the 'believer' and she is the 'sceptic'.

it's just awesome, man.

the episodes of the x-files are divided into 2 types:
  1. aliens
  2. monster of the week

i prefer monster of the week. i have to admit, even as a freaky fan, i find the 'alien' episodes gone mengarut in the last few seasons of the x-files - but the monster-of-the-week episodes have never disappoint.

my fav episodes are too many - but i guess the best of the best had to be:

  • humbug ~ weird circus freaks.

season 3
  • syzygy ~ mulder and scully acting weird as the planets arranged themselves in a line.
  • war of the coprahages ~ cockroaches. mulder comin on to hot scientist. scully actin jealous.
  • jose chung's 'from outer space' ~ spoof on MIB and the works.
  • clyde bruckman's final repose ~ very very funny episode. about a cynical psychic.

season 4
  • small potatoes ~ another funny one. a man who can take the form of another. disguise as mulder.

season 5
  • the post-modern prometheus ~ ala frankenstein meet elephant man. shot in black and white.
  • chinga ~ written by master horror storyteller, stephen king. a psychotic doll.
  • bad blood ~ freakin funny. vampires. stories told from the point of view of mulder and scully.

  • triangle ~ mulder went back in time. met 'scully' from the past. they kissed. and he went back to the present. at the end of the episode, at the hospital bed, was the cutest scene ever,

mulder said, "scully.... (pause) i love you..........."

scully looked at mulder long enough, rolling her eyes, replied, "....oh, brother..." and left.


ok where was i? oh, yes. my x-files collection.

story books and episode guides

i got most of my x-files stuff from a shop in one utama (before there was a new wing). in fact, it's not even there anymore. i got most of my mags, postcard books and comics from there.

a nearby bookstore in taman tun dr. ismail sells the x-files trading cards too so i got some from there. i have the complete set of trading cards from the x-files movie but i have yet to complete the seasonal ones.

trading cards, postcard books, mags, MAD spoof on the x-files and the pilot episode comic

  • the watch is from yong - she gave it to me when she came back for good from purdue indiana. sayang betul nak pakai!
  • the t-shirt i got from fox studio, sydney
  • the cd, probably somewhere in ipoh
  • yes, i drew the potrait of mulder

..and i still want more x-files stuff!

oh, and did i tell you i have my own badge? i remember wearing this to the youthquake party at syuen ipoh.. ;-)


Arin said...

tatau lak syigim terar drawing..

neeza said...

cool! yg ni bawak ke sana jugak ker? wah, berkontena jugak la barang pindah ke sana ek?

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