Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Melentur Buluh

meet my sister in law - mr. khairul's youngest sister, sofia shereen, pictured here with her nephew, khaleef.

she is eight years old, and she has a blog.

ha ha ha. teh gelak.

yeap. you heard me right.

my previous work involved, among others, 'mentoring' kids as young as 5 to 13 to write essays and trust me - there are possibilities to be explored there - budding writers with fairly good grasp of the language and interesting ideas waiting to be plucked out from their disney-channel and psp cages. with guidance on sense of style, coordination of ideas and flow of words - they can surely amaze.

and forget about talent and being able to write well with perfect grammatical form first - the passion that comes is what i admire, and i will encourage and happy to help with.

dear friends, be a sport and read her thoughts in 'Stories of Life'. just a little bit, but it's a start. (besides, she wrote something nice about me and i just want you guys to read it! hihi)

so here's to sofia, for many more funny postings to come, may you continue to find joy in expressing yourself in writing, as much as i do.

*clink! clink!*

along and kak syigim are very proud of you!

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