Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Muchos Gracias

@ dubai airport

mr. khairul's mom and sis, teh left for malaysia yesterday. it has been a fun one month with them and certainly a great help esp. with kahfi and the aqiqah. khaleef would definitely be the one who misses them the most.

khairul, syigim, khaleef and kahfi would like to thank the back-up unit from malaysia:

our thank you list
  • all the yummy lauk-pauk
  • all the tips of taking care new infant
  • preparing tungku and mixture of kapur and limau for the bengkung
  • packing for the moving in - from the big stuff to the littlest item
  • making sure the aqiqah runs well
  • ..and for laughing at your eldest son's silly jokes to keep him amused

khaleef's thank you list
  • playing hockey, tennis, baseball, bowling and football with me in the house
  • taking me for a bicycle ride while in bur dubai
  • making chicken porridge specially for me
  • spoon-feeding me
  • watching cartoons with me
  • being my fan whenever i sing esp. anuar zain's "..mencintaiiiimuuuu..!"
  • for manja-ing me like crazee!

kahfi's thank you list
  • bathing me every morning
  • singing Quranic lullabys when i cry
  • keeping me company when mak is busy
  • hand-washing all my clothes and mittens

it won't be a long wait.
God willing we will be back middle of this year.
see you then!

p/s: sempat seludup nasi mandy tak dalam hand-luggage?


Yong said...

balik dah diorang ye...anyway, hope without them u can manage well...super mama...

Syigim said...

so far still sane..hihi..khaleef bole la tolong2 amik pampers or when i'm in the kitchen he will tell me if kahfi nangis.. abang yg baik :) now waiting for u guys to come..

Anonymous said...


been missing khaleef like..??

cepat la balik..tak pun tlg post khaleef tu blk dulu la..hehe
rindu nak tgk cartoon ngn die..suap die..main 'tam on',blakon dgn die,wrestlingg..doing what-ever-kind-of-likes dgn die!

-atehmu yg merindui (drama)-

ops! lupa! -ur most welcome- hehe =)

Syigim said...

takpe teh...insyaAllah july ni nak balik dah...rajin2 la YM ok.. then bole tgk khaleef..

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