Monday, December 29, 2008

Back-up Unit From Malaysia

in his facebook, mr khairul wrote his status as "...expectin "back up unit" from Malaysia..ETA 1740pm - DXB airport."

at the time of writing i am waiting for him to pick up my mother-in-law and sis-in-law from the airport. far from home and family, at a time of need and 2 tiny terrorists holding me hostage at home - it's a relief to know that they are coming. my mother-in-law bore 6 kids - mr. khairul is her eldest - so she knows all there is to know about berpantang and such.

actually i'm looking forward to eat her ayam masak merah and homemade kaya...

my mom-in-law wif khaleef; khaleef & his auntie teh and auntie tina

only one of my 3 sis-in-law is accompanying my mom-in-law as she is currently waiting for her spm result. lucky you, teh! mr. khairul suggested that she works in starbucks or the nearby lebanon shawarma place to earn extra money! her name is diyana shireen, nicknamed 'teh'. with thick black specks, she is always pictured as the brainiac of the family. in my opinion she's crazy-funny and i'm sure khaleef would be glued to her for the next 1 month!

at a time like this i must admit i miss abah and my four sisters. i wish they could be here. well, yong is well-occupied with marking exam papers and with the newborn nuna. syima is busy with her master thesis, syida will be going back to melbourne and azi has just started classes in UPM for the new semester.

of course, most of all, i miss my mak. she passed away 31st december, 5 years ago. watch this space in 2days time. a tribute to my mak.

in the meantime, i wish my mom-in-law and teh would wait until my 44 pantang days are over before trying mandy! i want some!

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Anonymous said...

huhu..bangga la plak..tula, baru satu mlm jalan .. memang best kalau stay sebulan..dua bulan pun ok gak..hehe =)


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